Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer review

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I bought a Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer 6 months ago and I’ve been using it quite often. This is why I thought I should talk about it on my blog. The main reason I got the mixer was to knead small batches of dough for bread. It has more features, but I will talk about the things I’ve used it.

 Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer review

The stand mixer is small and it’s easy to store without a lot of hassle. It comes with a stainless steel, 3.9l mixing bowl and 3 attachments: whisk attachment, dough hook, flexible beater tool. It’s powerful too, at 600 watts. These were the main reasons I got it. Also, it’s very affordable, its price varies between £70 to £90.

Even though the main reason to get it was to knead bread dough, as I said earlier, I made other things with it too, like whipped cream and cake batter. It works out great. The only negative I have is that the bowl is thin and it can be uncomfortable as it presses on the hands when I take out the thick dough. It’s not an issue with batter and cream, obviously.
Another small negative is that if you raise the beater when it is facing forward, it catches on the front edge of the bowl. I don’t actually mind that, as I take the beater out gently, so it’s not an issue for me.

 Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer review

These are the attachments is comes with: flexible beater tool, dough hook and whisk attachment. The stand mixer has 4 speeds and the accessories are dishwasher safe. The bowl and the attachments are very easy to wash, so I can’t be bothered to put them in the dishwasher as they would take too much space.
The accessories are easy to attach to the arm, similar to a hand mixer, click and that’s it.

 Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer review

I only make bread with 450g or 900g of flour, as it’s just the two of us and I prefer to bake often instead of baking a big batch. I usually use a mix of 50/50 white and wholemeal, strong flour. The dough comes out beautifully kneaded in 7-10 minutes, I never keep it for long as I don’t want an overworked dough. As I use easy bake yeast, the bread is ready to go in the oven in 45 min.
If I would have used the Bosch Stand Mixer only for this purpose it would have been enough for me. I do bake bread 2-3 times a week in average, so it’s very handy. I use the first and second speed for dough.

 Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer review

For cake batter is again, a life saver. I can put everything in the bowl and mix it for less than 5 minutes. It takes longer to pre-heat the oven than it takes to make the batter. It’s great, the arm has a quirky sort of movement that means the batter is properly mixed in a short time without overworking the batter. For batter I use the first speed at the beginning so the flour will not go everywhere and then switch to 3rd speed.

 Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer review

For whipped cream or egg whites I use the 3rd and 4th speeds. It takes a couple of minutes to make them, so easy and handy. Again, I don’t keep them for long because I don’t like overdone whipped cream.

I am very happy with my Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer and I would gladly recommend it. I was unsure if it will do the job, as it’s not as expensive as others on the market, but so far it is great. It saved me a lot of time and Christmas and Easter preparations were so much easier with it.

Do you use a stand mixer? What do you think of my stand mixer? I would love to hear your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer review

  1. I had a new kitchen last year and I’ve been thinking about buying a mixer for ages. It looks great for kneading bread and making life easier!

  2. I’ve not used a stand mixer before but I have been talking to my husband about getting one so it was good to read this as I love Bosch. Mich x

  3. Mine is Bosch MUM450 together with a blender, ice cream maker, etc. that I got from my mother in law 14 years ago and it still works really great! I like yours even more with a stainless steel mixing bowl.

  4. I bought the Mum58720 1000watt red and silver mixer about 2 months ago as I have wanted this one for a couple of years now. I got it when they had reduced the price by £50 for a week. I haven’t used it yet but I already just love the look of it. It also comes with a lot of accessories.

    Then, I was in Sainsbury’s a week ago and they had your mixer in the sale for just £30!!! The box was rather tatty and it was the only one left hence the price. I just HAD to get it as I had looked at that model before when they were full price but decided I liked the look of my one better.
    I have used it already and I love it. So have decided to keep my other one for best then I can use them both when I do a lot of baking.
    Over the moon with both.

    1. It’s still working great. In fact I used it this morning for kneading a loaf a bread. I have a bigger one more suitable for when I make 2 loaves, but if I’m making only one I would use the Bosch mixer. I’ve used it so many times that for me it was well worth it.

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