My New Crockery

Last week I’ve been away to London for work and this meant I’m a little behind with new recipes. You can imagine how frustrating it is to have so many ideas, but not time to do them. Anyway, hopefully, I’ll be back on my regular schedule of two recipes each week. As I bought quite a few new plates and cups, I thought it would be nice to share my new crockery on the blog as a quick update.

My New Crockery

My husband thinks I bought a lot, I can’t, obviously, agree with his assessment. I’ve pondered if I should get this item or that item. I’m going to talk a bit about each item, in the order I got them.
I’m not too knowledgeable when it comes to ceramics, but now I can recognize the materials and some of the techniques after I saw last year a TV show called The Great Pottery Throw Down. I loved that series, it was so interesting.

Laura De Benedetti Ceramics

First of all, I got this amazing set made by the very talented Laura De Benedetti. I’ve met her this week in London and she is wonderful. I think the items she is making are stunning. The cup has such a lovely feel to it, it feels like it’s flowing, I love the colours too. I can’t wait to use the cup. The cup is made of porcelain.
You can see more of her work on her website, ldbceramics.

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Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer review

I bought a Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer 6 months ago and I’ve been using it quite often. This is why I thought I should talk about it on my blog. The main reason I got the mixer was to knead small batches of dough for bread. It has more features, but I will talk about the things I’ve used it.

 Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer review

The stand mixer is small and it’s easy to store without a lot of hassle. It comes with a stainless steel, 3.9l mixing bowl and 3 attachments: whisk attachment, dough hook, flexible beater tool. It’s powerful too, at 600 watts. These were the main reasons I got it. Also, it’s very affordable, its price varies between £70 to £90.

Even though the main reason to get it was to knead bread dough, as I said earlier, I made other things with it too, like whipped cream and cake batter. It works out great. The only negative I have is that the bowl is thin and it can be uncomfortable as it presses on the hands when I take out the thick dough. It’s not an issue with batter and cream, obviously.
Another small negative is that if you raise the beater when it is facing forward, it catches on the front edge of the bowl. I don’t actually mind that, as I take the beater out gently, so it’s not an issue for me.

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De’Longhi EC145 espresso maker review

Hubby bought me this De’Longhi EC145 espresso maker last year as a Christmas gift and I used it daily for almost one year. As Christmas is approaching and maybe others are planning to buy an espresso maker, I thought it’s a good opportunity to review mine.

I usually drink my coffee black and an espresso maker was the only viable option. I don’t have lots of space in the kitchen because I tend to hoard lots of kitchen tools and baking trays and other bits&pieces as any other foodie. Hubby bought it for me as he knew I was looking at it. It’s small, it has a good price and it also has a milk frother if I need one.

01 De'Longhi EC145 espresso maker review

02 De'Longhi EC145 espresso maker review

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Courgette pasta maker

I’ve been to BBC Good Food Show in Harrogate a couple of weeks ago. I’ve bought a cutter and a couple of accessories for making courgette pasta. It was something I was considering to buy, but postponed it as I felt I might end up not using the equipment. I am looking at a pasta rolling machine too and I have the same dilemma, will I use it enough to justify loosing the cupboard space?

01 courgette pasta maker
Here is my first attempt to make pasta. The strings were as in the demonstration at the show, more than 1m long and springy.

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