Chef Challenge Shoryu Ramen

Imagine my excitement when I was invited to the Chef Challenge at Shoryu Ramen, a fab restaurant in Manchester. This week I’ve shared a Vegan Ramen recipe and it might sound like it was planned, but it was not, I’m just very keen on Ramen. I went to Shoryu Ramen (link to my review) a few months ago and I enjoyed their food a lot. This time I was eager to try doing it myself.

01 Chef Challenge Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Ramen is a chain of a few restaurants in London and Manchester. I saw that they are planning to open another one in Oxford later this year. They opened the first restaurant in London and they have been recommended in the Michelin Guide from 2014, every year. You can read more about their story and the restaurants.

The Chef told us how he makes the bun and then we made our own.

 Chef Challenge Shoryu Ramen

This is my bun. I was surprised to have grilled halloumi as an ingredient. I like it a lot, but I would rather use tofu in Japanese recipes. Either way, the bun turned out to be tasty.

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Foodie Festival at Tatton Park

Last week I’ve been invited to the Foodie Festival at Tatton Park. I was delighted to attend it for the first time. My husband and I visited the Foodie Festival on Saturday and it was packed, there were so many people and lots of them with dogs, it was really nice.

Foodie Festival at Tatton Park

After we’ve entered, we went to find the Cake and Bake Theatre, so we’d know when we have to get there for the cooking shows. We’ve decided which one we want to see and we had a look around the stalls before going back to see Jane Devonshire.

Foodie Festival at Tatton Park

There were a couple of brownie stalls, including Ridiculously Rich by Alana, the winner of The Apprentice 2016. When we were looking at the goodies, Rebecca shows up, another contestant. It was fab to see her, she is the same as in the show; so bubbly and funny. It was a treat to see her.

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Christmas Bake Off with Holland & Barrett #HBBakeOff

I was so happy when I got the invitation for Christmas Bake Off. It was a really special event organized by Holland & Barrett. I had the chance to meet Ugne from Great British Bake Off, I baked a cake, we had lunch and cakes and lots and lots of fun. It was amazing.

The event was at Cactus Kitchen, the cookery school designed by Michel Roux Jr. There were a few hiccups for me to get there as the train had 10 minutes delay and at the tube station was so crowded it took ages to put a few pounds on my Oyster. But I got there in time, after a short jogging from the tube, excited to start the day.

We presented ourselves, telling the story of our blogs and talking a short while about our culinary background and preferences. I mentioned I baked along the Bake Off, of course. Most of the day I chatted with Katie and Carly. I hope I’ll meet them again.

Christmas Bake Off with Holland & Barrett #HBBakeOff
Then we head up to the kitchen. It looked lovely, so light and inviting. Everybody took out their phones and/or cameras and we all started to photograph the kitchen, the workstation, the decor. This is what happens at a blogger event, we bloggers like to take pictures of everything.

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Great British Bake Off, my thoughts

I baked every single week at least one of the challenges from Great British Bake Off and I learned a lot during the process. You can read more about it on my lifestyle blog.


I wanted to do lots of things and sometimes a bit more than I could chew. For example, making the linky was a little too much as my time was limited and I couldn’t promote the bloggers who joined as much as I wanted to. Also, I realized while I was hosting the linky that not everybody will bake vegetarian recipes (it seems obvious now 😀 ). Next year I’ll join the other linkups, like this year, but I will not host one for the entire season for those reasons.

On the pinterest board there are all the recipes. I would like to thank everybody who joined in: Saskia; Vinspire; Helen; Paul; Carrie; Alice; Angela; Sarah; Andrea; Lauranne; Rosie ; Jenny and Kirsty. It was lovely to see your recipes.

As for the linkies I joined in, I received star baker from Jenny, twice! Once for my baguettes and the second time for the Religieuse a l’ancienne. I had the badges to prove it 😀
GBBO 2015 star baker week 3GBBO 2015 star baker week 8

I’m looking for the next year’s Bake along.