Rhubarb puff pastry tart

Rhubarb puff pastry tart sounds amazing, especially paired with quark cream. The cream has rhubarb and dry Sherry and it’s delicious on its own. The recipe is really easy to make, but it does take a bit of time for waiting for the rhubarb to cool down. I loved the Quark cream with the dry Sherry, it was delicious. I preferred Quark because it’s a cheese naturally low in fat and it was a good choice. I will use Quark again for cream, because I think it’s a good option.

Rhubarb puff pastry tart with quark cream and Sherry

I used less than 1 pack of puff pastry. With the remaining puff pastry I made 2 cheese pinwheels and a couple of vegan sausage rolls.

– 240g puff pastry
– 800g rhubarb
– 125g sugar
– 250g Quark
– 25ml Sherry
– 1/2 tsp vanilla

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Plantain brownies

For my second dessert using plantain, after making Plátanos al Caldero, I’ve decided to try plantain brownies. They were soft, moist and delicious. I like brownies, but I don’t bake them as often as I should. I’ve used white chocolate and dark chocolate and it was a great idea. I will make these brownies again next time I’m getting plantains.
These plantain brownies are naturally gluten free and with only a bit of added sugar, that means less than 15g per brownie. I try to make everyday desserts as healthy as possible, without compromising the taste. While they do have sugar, it’s half of a standard brownie and without the extra calories from flour.

Plantain brownies

Ingredients for 10 brownies:
– 1 ripe plantain
– 100ml oil
– 100g sugar
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 3 eggs
– 30g cocoa powder
– 40g white chocolate
– 40g dark chocolate
– 1 spoon of fine corn flour
– a pinch of sea salt

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Plátanos al Caldero

Plátanos al Caldero or Caramelized Ripe Plantains is a recipe specific to the Dominican Republic. The dish is not exactly a dessert, but for our European taste, it has to class as a dessert.
I’ve prepared plantains before, plantain oven baked chips, and I like them. I also love their versatility, although they look like a banana, they can be used in so many different dishes, both savoury and sweet.

Plátanos al Caldero

As I wanted them to be a dessert, I served my Plátanos al Caldero with coffee whipped cream. It was delicious. I like my desserts less sweet, so it was perfect for me. If you decide to try the recipe and you prefer sweeter desserts, add a bit more icing sugar in the whipped cream. Taste and add a bit more, to suit your taste.

Ingredients for 2 servings:
– 1 plantain
– 2 spoons oil
– 2 spoons demerara sugar
– 150ml whipping cream
– 1 spoon icing sugar
– 1 spoon instant coffee

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Apple tray bake

This apple tray bake is a recipe my husband loves. It reminds him of his childhood. This is the basic recipe of the tray bake. From here, lots of spices can be added, like cinnamon or nutmeg. It can be served with vanilla sauce. I made this tray bake with Bramley Apples.

 Apple tray bake

These apple are an old variety, from the early 1800s, in Nottinghamshire, grown by a young girl. A butcher called Bramley bought the cottage the girl had with those trees after 40 years. In 1900 a storm blew down the original Bramley tree. Amazingly it survived and it’s still producing apples today, after more than 200 years. During WWI a lot of Bramley trees were planted and it was more and more popular. Bramley are best for cooking. While too sharp raw, when cooked, they are truly delicious.

The recipe is very interesting to make. There isn’t batter, but the dry ingredients are put in the tray as they are. Do have a try of making it, it’s a fun thing to do and it’s different. I used 2 big Bramley apples, that are around 650g together. If you have smaller apples, use 3. The recipe is vegan and fat-free.

 Apple tray bake

Ingredients for 8 servings (2 pieces each):
– 140g white plain flour
– 170g semolina
– 170g sugar
– 1 heaped tsp of baking powder
– 2 big Bramley apples
– 250ml water
– icing sugar to decor

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Mango yoghurt

Last evening I wanted a dessert that was easy to make, fast, with what I had available and with not a lot of calories. I made Mango yoghurt and I loved it so much I’ve decided to share the recipe on the blog.
I made the dessert with canned mango pulp, it’s like a mango puree, but a bit runny. I also had grounded peanut brittle for a cake. It’s smooth and sweet and the brittle adds the extra texture that makes the dessert really good. With the swirls on top it looks more like a restaurant dessert than something that can be done it a few minutes with only 4 ingredients. If you don’t have peanut brittle, you can change it with grounded peanuts, grated chocolate or a crushed biscuit. I used low fat yoghurt, but I will try it with Skyr too, as I imagine it will be just as delicious.
The yoghurt can be made in advance, but sprinkle the brittle on top only before serving.

Mango yoghurt

Ingredients for 2 servings:
– 400g low-fat yoghurt
– 4 spoons of golden syrup
– 6 spoons and 2 tsp of mango pulp
– 4 tsp of grounded peanut brittle

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This is the first time I share my recipe for Papanasi, a Romanian dessert consisting of cheese doughnuts, sour cream and lots of preserve. My husband and I love this dessert and it’s something we used to have as children.

 Papanasi recipe

I don’t add any sugar in the doughnuts because I love pouring a lot of preserve on top, if you prefer a sweeter version of the doughnuts, add sugar. They will have a slightly darker colour. For Papanasi, I used soft cheese and this is the best option that I tried so far. When it comes to preserve, I would recommend cherry preserve, with the fruits intact and syrup. It’s better for this dessert than regular jam.


Their texture is aerated, as you can see in this picture. It’s a delight to eat.

Ingredients for 4 servings:
– 75g plain white flour
– 75g plain wholemeal flour
– 250g light soft cheese
– 2 eggs
– 1/2 tsp baking powder
– 1 tsp vanilla paste
– oil for frying
– extra flour for dusting
– sour cream
– cherry preserve

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Red Valentine’s Day Doughnuts

As tomorrow is the big day, I wanted to share this Red Valentine’s Day Doughnuts recipe. It’s very easy to make and it looks so cute. The doughnuts are baked, so it’s a healthier option. I made lots of variations on the recipe and they turned out perfect each time.

 Red Valentine's Day Doughnuts

I decided to add a little bit more milk, oil and flour, to make more batter. This way the doughnuts will grow over their tin and, when flipped, they will have a base that can be filled with beautiful, smooth, whipped cream. I think this makes them more like dessert than a simple doughnut. I loved them so much that I will make them again.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, I had to make them red. I used vegetarian red food colouring. For decor, I used redcurrants, as they are the perfect size. If you don’t have berries, use small hearts made out of biscuits or shop bought decorations.

 Red Valentine's Day Doughnuts

Ingredients for 6 doughnut-desserts:
– 80g plain wholemeal flour
– 50g demerara sugar
– 1/2 tsp baking powder
– 1 egg
– 70ml milk
– 3 spoons of oil
– 4 drops of strawberry flavouring
– red food colouring
– 150 ml whipping cream
– 2-3 spoons of icing sugar
– 6 berries to decorate the doughnuts

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