Dark Chocolate Spread

I called my recipe Dark Chocolate Spread, but more appropiate would have been to call it: Almond and Dark Chocolate Spread, as the main ingredient is almonds. This chocolate spread is also vegan, naturally gluten free and so so good. I used very good quality vegan dark chocolate with 85% cocoa solids, without any palm oil, it gives it a lovely flavour. For spreads good quality chocolate is a must. To make it thinner and creamy, I used water.

Another great thing about this recipe is that 1 small jar has only 25g of golden syrup. That is the equivalent of 2 spoons of sugar, isn’t that amazing? Of course, if you prefer a sweeter taste, add a bit more, but the whole point is to make a dark chocolate spread. We had one jar yesterday and I think we’ll finish another jar today, with crepes. Please be aware that the spread has a lot of calories from the almonds, each jar has around 875-900 calories.

01 Dark chocolate spread, vegan, gluten free

Ingredients for 4 small jars:
– 350g almonds
– 100g golden syrup
– 200g dark chocolate
– 300ml water

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Miso Butter

I love Miso, so I came up with this Miso Butter recipe. I discovered, while doing a little bit of search online, that miso butter is not something I’ve invented, but it’s been in the culinary world for ages. I made butter spread before and I enjoyed it so much that I made it a few times, with salt or herbs. This time I’ve used only butter, but I will make a Miso Butter Spread with a mixture of butter and oils, to see how that is.

Miso Butter

The Miso butter has only 2 ingredients and it’s so delicious. Also, it’s a versatile butter, that can be used on toast bread or for other dishes. A bit of Miso butter will make pan-fryed veggies very good. It can also be used to add an extra flavour to soups.

Ingredients for 1 jar:
– 100g unsalted butter
– 50g Miso paste

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Butter spread

I like eating homemade, fresh, warm bread with salted butter. But the butter is not as healthy as rapeseed oil and it’s not easy to spread. The best option is to make a Butter Spread with cold pressed rapeseed oil, it’s healthier and spreadable, it takes only minutes to make and it can be flavoured with herbs or spices. The recipes I’m sharing today are for salted butter spread and basic unsalted butter spread.

I got a cheap supermarket butter as it has enough fat to give it the buttery taste. The spread can be made with any type of oil, I’ve made it with vegetable oil before and it works great too. I would recommend cold pressed rapeseed oil because it has less saturated fat than all other cooking oils and fats. This type of oil is high in omega 3, 6, 9 and it’s a very good source of vitamin E.


Ingredients for 2 jars:
– 250g unsalted butter
– 200ml cold pressed rapeseed oil

for the salted version add:
– 1 tsp and a half of Himalayan salt (any other salt can be used)

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Nectarine jam with fruit bits

I had a lot of nectarines and I wanted to make jam. So, I split the nectarines I had in two batches and made two different types of jam. This recipe is for the first jam I’ve made, with fruit bits inside. The next recipe will be posted the next few days, it has almost the same ingredients, but a different way of making it.

I made a basic jam with fruits and sugar and nothing else.

01 Nectarine jam

Ingredients for 3 jars:
– 2kg nectarines
– 1kg sugar

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Blueberries and cardamon jam

I love trying new jam flavours. I had blueberries and looked on spice shelves to see what I can add, cardamon was the one that made me smile. I’ve tried it and it tastes amazing, I love the flavour combination and I’ve used it in a smoothie too.

01 Blueberries and cardamon jam

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Rhubarb and vanilla jam

I made melon and cinnamon jam and I loved it. Adding spices gives an extra flavour that makes it stand out. So my next preserve was a Rhubarb and vanilla jam. I love this one too, the vanilla has a subtle flavour and the slight sharpness of the rhubarb makes it special.

Rhubarb and vanilla jam 2nd batch

Ingredients for 4 small jars:
– 1200g Rhubarb
– 600g sugar
– 2 tsp vanilla paste

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Melon and cinnamon jam

I eat jam every day after working out, so I need at least a jar in the fridge. For me, homemade jam is so much better than shop-bought because I can add flavours for a twist. This time I’ve made melon and cinnamon jam, as I think the flavours go well together.

01 Melon and cinnamon jam

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