Christmas menu 2017

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I hope you had a wonderful time this Christmas, if you’ve celebrated, obviously. I like doing these roundups after Christmas, mostly because I will use this post as inspiration in the following years.

I will start talking about starters, then soup, main, and desserts. It’s not in this order we’ve had the food though. After a huge starter, we had a dessert, after a few hours we’ve continued with soup. It’s something we do every Christmas. The starter is a buffet with dips and dishes.

Christmas menu 2017 Mushrooms

The first dish was Spicy mushrooms with peanut butter, I’ve shared the mushroom recipe two years ago and it’s a recipe I still make a few times a year, I love it. For Christmas, I made the mushrooms in advance, and, on Christmas day, my husband heat them up with the spices and the peanut butter. It was a hot starter.

Christmas menu dips and eggs

From top left, I’ve made deviled eggs because my husband loves them. They are always on our Christmas table. After that is Roasted aubergine dip, Pea and mint dip, and Confit D’Oignon. I like incorporating loads of veggies, and dips are a easy way to do that.

 Christmas menu cheese and salad

To balance the cheese and the richness of some of the other dishes, I’ve made speciality olives following the recipe I shared before, and an avocado and tomato salad.
Of course we had loads of types of cheese; Gouda, Cheddar, Cheddar with cranberries, Cheddar with Spring Onion, Black cheddar, and Stilton. Christmas is the only time of the year when I buy a big slice of Stilton.

Christmas menu - bread

I always bake bread for Christmas. It’s natural, as I usually bake bread during the year. This time I’ve made potato bread.

Christmas menu 2017 - Pepper Soup

In the previous years I made a smooth soup, but this year I’ve decided to make Pepper Soup again.

Christmas menu pie

The pie looked amazing. I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I will share the recipe, maybe in December next year, as it’s decorated with snowflakes, very Christmassy.

 Christmas menu Pie with mash, brussel sprouts, and pickled watermelon

We had the pie with mash potatoes, Brussles sprouts, and pickled watermelon. I’m a huge fan of pickled watermelons, it’s something I didn’t have for years, but now I’ve discovered it in the International shop. We had a jar earlier this year, and now, another one for Christmas.

Christmas menu 2017 Christmas cake

Christmas cake, decorated with lovely fondant figurines my husband and I made.

 Christmas cake details of fondant figurines

I didn’t think if they will all fit on the cake. Only the snowman and the trees would have been enough. Besides I’ve made a reindeer that didn’t survive. We had issues with the shop-bought fondant that was too soft. This is why my snowman looks like he is admiring the skies. But, nonetheless, I think the cake looked amazing.

Christmas menu 2017 Mince pies

Mince pies, with lots of apples, and dried fruits soaked in Port. A real delight.

Christmas menu 2017 Cozonac

Cozonac is a Romanian traditional dessert for Christmas.

Cozonac on a cooling rack

Look how amazing the loafs turned out. I was ecstatic to see them.

Christmas menu 2017 Chocolate cups filled with two types of cream

My husband made these filled chocolate cups. He likes doing them and they are delicious. The white chocolate cup is filled with a chocolate spread (shop-bought) and coconut. The black chocolate cup is filled with an white chocolate, Amaretto and almonds. Amazing, they are amazing.

Besides, we also had triffle and Christmas pudding with ice cream and Brandy butter, all shop-bought.

What did you have for Christmas?

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  1. What an epic Christmas menu, that veggie pie with the little stars look especially stunning! Happy New Year! 🙂

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