Crêpes Suzette

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My husband and I were watching Masterchef and Monica came up with Crêpes Suzette for their pressure test. We had to try it, it looked delicious. After giving it a try I can say it really is delicious.

01 Crêpes Suzette recipe. Crepes with orange sauce and orange segments

To make the crepes I didn’t measure the ingredients for the batter. It’s just the basic recipe with flour, eggs and milk, with a drop of vanilla and rum extract. Although there isn’t any sugar in the crepes as the sauce is sweet anyway.

02 Crêpes Suzette recipe
To make the sauce, put 100g sugar in a pan and caramelize it. It’s important not to stir it until it’s caramelized. Then gradually add 200ml of orange juice. It will bubble until the heat from the sugar is transferred to the sauce. Bring the sauce gradually to the boiling point. Add the mandarin segments and leave it on the hob to reduce. When the sauce thickens put the crepes back in the pan and cook them for 1 minute so they will soak the sauce.

Put the crepe on the plate and garnish it with a few mandarin segments. Add a couple of spoons of sauce on top and the crepes are ready to be served.

The original recipe is with orange segments, but I think mandarin looks pretty as it’s smaller. I used bottled natural orange juice, without any sugar or preservatives.

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