Fried Eggs

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A recipe for fried eggs? Sounds a bit strange on a food blog where I share more complicated recipes. I looked online for tips how to fry goose eggs as it was the first time I’ve prepared them. Hence I thought I should share those tips on my blog, as there is not a how-to guide with comparisons between eggs. Or, at least, I didn’t find any on a quick google search. I found the differences between boiling them, but that wasn’t particularly helpful. For me, eggs are tastier when fried and that was my plan.


I wanted to try all three eggs to see which one I prefer best. I bought the free range eggs from a local farm and I was excited to taste them. The duck eggs are a bit smaller than the ones I bought in the past, but, even so, the difference between them is quite obvious after you break the shell.

All three fried eggs

The duck egg (on the left) has a funny shape because I’ve used a big frying pan for it.

Heat a frying pan over medium heat, pour a few spoons of oil in the pan and leave it for a minute or so to heat. My hob has 6 marks, 4 being a medium. I would recommend using a small bowl. Break the egg in the bowl and then gently slide it in the frying pan, this way you make sure the egg yolk remains intact and lovely.

Fried eggs:

– to fry the hen egg, keep the heat at medium (4 on my hob). Put the egg in the pan. When the egg white starts to thicken and change colour, using a spoon, pour some of the heated oil on top of the egg. The egg yolk will cook gently and you’ll have a runny yolk.

– to fry the duck egg, keep the heat at medium too. Put the egg in the pan and leave it until the egg white is starting to change colour. Then, as with the hen egg, using a spoon, pour the hot oil on top. The yolk will cook, but it will remain runny. The duck egg will take 30 seconds to a minute more to cook. Don’t increase the heat, just wait a bit longer.

– to fry the goose egg decrease the heat. For my hob I used the 3rd mark. A lower heat is necessary because the goose egg needs longer to cook, but you don’t want it burned. Do the same as with the other eggs. Comparing to a hen egg, cooking a goose eggs takes two minutes more, maybe even three.

Fried Eggs

The winner of the taste test is: the goose egg! It has a deeper flavour and it’s amazing just with a bit of sea salt on top and some chips or toast. The yolk is rich and delightful. I’ve enjoyed this egg a lot. I will buy goose eggs again when I have the chance. My husband liked the taste, but he prefers hen eggs.

Have you ever had a fried eggs taste test? Do you like goose eggs like I do or do you prefer the traditional hen egg?

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