Mulled wine for kids

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The title says Mulled wine for kids, but it’s a little misleading because the recipe doesn’t have wine, obviously. I don’t have kids and I didn’t think of a non-alcoholic mulled wine before having something similar in the goodie bag from Holland & Barrett event. I enjoyed that mulled punch so much, that I wanted to make a kid friendly mulled wine.

01 Mulled wine for kids

02 Mulled wine for kids

Ingredients for 2 cups:
– 600ml natural grape juice
– 1 star anise
– 10 buds of cloves
– 10 juniper berries

03 Mulled wine for kids
Put the spices with the juice on the hob at medium heat and bring it to boil. Let it boil for two-three minutes.

04 Mulled wine for kids recipe using grape juice
Strain the mulled wine and serve.

It’s so easy and I’m sure the little ones will love it. I didn’t add any extra sugar as the grape juice is sweet enough on its own. You can use any grape juice, I prefer the one that is not from concentrate and it doesn’t have any other ingredients.

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