Nectarine jam with fruit bits

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I had a lot of nectarines and I wanted to make jam. So, I split the nectarines I had in two batches and made two different types of jam. This recipe is for the first jam I’ve made, with fruit bits inside. The next recipe will be posted the next few days, it has almost the same ingredients, but a different way of making it.

I made a basic jam with fruits and sugar and nothing else.

01 Nectarine jam

Ingredients for 3 jars:
– 2kg nectarines
– 1kg sugar

Wash, remove the stone and cut the fruits in small pieces. Add the sugar and stir. Put the pan on medium heat and leave it for 20 minutes. When the fruit start to release the juice, lower the heat and leave it to cook for a couple of hours. It seems like it takes a long time, but the jam only needs stirring once every 20-30 minutes.

02 Nectarine jam

When the jam has the right consistency, take it off the heat. Prepare the glass jars by placing them in the hot oven for 20 minutes at 100C, due to the heat, they will be sterilized. Put the jam in the jars, cover them with a tea towel and let them cool down.

You can store the jam jars in a cold cupboard. The sugar acts as a preservative and therefore it will keep the jam good for months. I love the taste of the jam, it’s very nice. Surprisingly, it was the first time I’ve made jam from nectarines.

nectarine jam

Have you tried nectarine jam?

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