Vegan Shepherd’s pie

For British Pie Week I made a vegan Shepherd’s pie, among other 2 pies for dessert. It was my first Shepherd’s pie and I completely forgot to grill it for a couple of minutes, to get more colour on top. It’s easy to make, delicious and low calorie.

01 shepherd's pie

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The first meal I’ve cooked for my new challenge was Chinese cuisine. We’ve been at the Chinese New Year celebrations, so I thought it’s appropriate to cook Chinese. Even though I planned to make only one dish, I saw a few recipes that were too interesting not to try.

China - taste the world
The meal consisted of spring onion pancakes, stir fried potatoes and pak choi with mushrooms.

06 Chinese pancakes with spring onion
The spring onion pancakes (recipe), called Cōngyóubǐng, were delicious. It was the first time I’ve made the dough for a wrap/pancake with hot water. The slightly chewy texture is tasty and the onions add a little extra flavour.

04 pak choi with mushrooms
The pak choi and mushrooms dish was delicious too. I liked the mushrooms a lot and I will make them as a garnish for other dishes.

01 Tǔdòu sī
The potato dish, called Tǔdòu sī , was the most interesting one. The potatoes had to be undercooked. I liked the idea as I would rather eat veggies undercooked than overcooked. It was interesting and strange, I’m glad I’ve tried it but not sure I would repeat the undercooking part of the dish. But I would definitely cut the potatoes like that and I would stir fry them.


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Layered rice

I love cooking and watching TV programs with lots of interesting recipes inspires me. I’ve bought a set of 3 plating tools, square ones, to help me bring more shapes on the plate. Also, layering the food makes it easier to taste all the flavours at once.
It took only 15 minutes to cook!


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Houmous, basic recipe

I’m smitten with homemade houmous. I like the simple, basic recipe, or with other flavours, like sundried tomatoes or roasted peppers. It’s so easy to make it from scratch and using some tricks, it doesn’t take long.

Houmous 01

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Taste the World

In the next 2 years I’ll cook 119 recipes from all around the world! I’ll have to plan, to find ingredients, to research recipes and choose the most appealing ones, sweet or savoury. It’s so exciting. I can’t wait to start cooking.


I love the idea of tasting and cooking a dish from every country in the world. It is a concept I’ve seen on a blog and I said I have to do it. I have to make this culinary journey.

I will put a few twists and make it into a challenge. I want a deadline just to have a little extra motivation, if I need it. Also, I want to group a few countries as there are 204 countries as per U.S. Department of State’s website and it would take too long to finish the challenge. So, I had a look and based on location and a high probability that they have similar foods, being neighbors, I cut the list down to “only” 118 and the deadline is 1 March 2017. If I finish all 118 recipes earlier, I can always try recipes from other the countries that are in a group.

I can’t be sure that the recipes I’ll cook are 100% genuine as it depends on what is available on the internet and books at the local library. As one can imagine, for some cuisines it will be quite tricky to discover the real recipes. Also, most recipes are similar in neighboring countries, even the name is pretty much the same and the origin of the dishes is uncertain.

The reason behind this challenge is to push my cooking a little further and experiment new things, which I love.

This is the list of the countries:
1 Afghanistan
2 Albania
3 Algeria + Niger
4 Andorra
5 Antigua and Barbuda
6 Argentina + Uruguay
7 Armenia + Azerbaijan + Georgia
8 Australia + Samoa
9 Austria
10 Barbados + Saint Lucia + Saint Vincent and the Grenadines + Dominica
11 Belarus
12 Belgium
13 Bhutan + Nepal
14 Bosnia and Herzegovina + Montenegro
15 Botswana + Namibia
16 Brazil + Suriname
17 Brunei + Malaysia
18 Bulgaria
19 Burma + Bangladesh
20 Canada
21 Chad + Libya
22 Chile + Bolivia + Paraguay
23 China
24 Colombia + Ecuador + Peru
25 Democratic Republic of the Congo + Republic of the Congo + Angola
26 Cote d’Ivoire + Ghana
27 Croatia
28 Cuba + Dominican Republic + The Bahamas + Haiti + Saint Kitts and Nevis
29 Cyprus
30 Czech Republic
31 Denmark
32 Egypt + Sudan + South Sudan
33 Estonia
34 Ethiopia + Eritrea + Djibouti + Somalia
35 Fiji + Vanuatu + Solomon Islands
36 Finland
37 France
38 Gabon + Equatorial Guinea + Central African Republic + Cameroon + Sao Tome and Principe
39 Germany
40 Greece
41 Guinea + Guinea-Bissau + Sierra Leone + Liberia
42 Honduras + Costa Rica + Panama + Nicaragua
43 Hong Kong + Macau
44 Hungary
45 Iceland
46 India
47 Indonesia + Papua New Guinea + Nauru + Timor-Leste + Tuvalu
48 Iran
49 Iraq
50 Ireland
51 Israel + Palestinian Territories
52 Italy
53 Jamaica + Belize
54 Japan
55 Jordan
56 Kazakhstan + Uzbekistan + Turkmenistan
57 Kenya + Uganda + Rwanda + Burundi + Tanzania
58 Kiribati + Tonga
59 Korea, North + South
60 Kosovo
61 Kuwait
62 Kyrgyzstan + Tajikistan
63 Latvia
64 Lebanon
65 Liechtenstein
66 Lithuania
67 Luxembourg
68 Macedonia
69 Madagascar + Mozambique + Comoros + Mauritius
70 Mali + Burkina Faso
71 Malta
72 Mexico + Guatemala + El Salvador
73 Micronesia + Marshall Islands
74 Moldova
75 Monaco
76 Mongolia
77 Morocco
78 Netherlands
79 Netherlands Antilles + Sint Maarten
80 New Zealand
81 Nigeria + Benin + Togo
82 North Korea
83 Norway
84 Oman
85 Pakistan
86 Philippines + Palau
87 Poland
88 Portugal
89 Qatar + Bahrain
90 Romania
91 Russia
92 San Marino
93 Saudi Arabia
94 Senegal + The Gambia + Mauritania + Cape Verde
95 Serbia
96 Seychelles + Maldives
97 Singapore
98 Slovakia
99 Slovenia
100 South Africa + Lesotho + Swaziland
101 South Korea
102 Spain
103 Sri Lanka
104 Sweden
105 Switzerland
106 Syria
107 Taiwan
108 Thailand + Laos
109 Trinidad and Tobago + Curacao
110 Tunisia
111 Turkey
112 Ukraine
113 United Arab Emirates
114 United Kingdom
115 Venezuela + Aruba + Guyana + Grenada
116 Vietnam + Cambodia
117 Yemen
118 Zambia + Malawi + Zimbabwe

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