I continued my Taste the World adventure with US. I learned a few things from the recipes I’ve made and I’m going to use them in other recipes, like the sauce for pasta. I hope you’ll enjoy my recipes.

01 Corn chowder
My first recipe was corn chowder, a thick soup. I am not a fan of thick soups, but I liked this one. I never tried corn soup before.

02 Mac and cheese
I didn’t understand why so many people love Mac and cheese until I’ve made it. It tastes different from a regular pasta with cheese, because it has the milk-based sauce that makes it delicious.

03 Hummingbird cake
The meal finished with Hummingbird cake, a pineapple and banana with pecans cake. A little too sweet for my taste, but delicious.


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Hummingbird cake

Hummingbird cake is made with pineapple, pecans and bananas. It is a southern recipe with Jamaican influences, but still considered American.

I feel the cake was too sweet for my taste, but I liked it a lot. I would make some small changes to the recipe, less oil, less sugar in the sponge and more fruits and also less icing. I will take pictures of the modified recipe when I’ll make it.

01 Hummingbird cake

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Mac and cheese

We all know that burgers and Mac&Cheese are symbols of the day-to-day American cuisine. I searched about the dish and it was developed in England, but it was modified so much it can be called a truly American dish. In the original dish, the pasta looked more like lasagne.

This dish inspired me and that’s the reason I’ve started this challenge. From this recipe I took two ideas and I’ve adapted them to other dishes. The first idea that I liked was the milk and flour base for the pasta. I can create a delicious base with less calories, you’ll see it in my following pasta recipes.
The second one was the breadcrumbs on top of the pasta. It sounded strange, bread and pasta should not go together. But it does, it gives it an additional texture and crunchiness that lacks in a regular pasta with cheese.

01 Mac and cheese

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I’m an avid supporter of local produce as I believe it has an important impact in the local community, it’s environmentally better and it’s fresher. While a lot of people are talking about veggies and fruits, I want to talk about an old and not very exciting spice: Salt.

Salt is an important ingredient for all the dishes. I prefer sea salt, for the aroma. First time I’ve tried sea salt I loved the taste, it’s so much better than the other types. I’ve used it in savoury dishes, in salted caramel desserts and just plain on tomatoes and on warm buttered bagels.


We live in the UK and it can be more expensive to buy British. In a hard economic climate we have to reach a happy medium between what we want and what we can afford. But, even so, the price difference between a British sea salt and another one is only a couple of pounds per kilo, so basically insignificant.

There are a few options on the market for sea salt and we have 3 here in the UK: Cornish Sea Salt, the Anglesey based Halen Mon and the Scottish Hebridean Sea Salt.

If I missed a brand, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. It is not a sponsored post, these are only my thoughts.

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Celeriac soup

Almost every day for breakfast I eat soup and a sandwich even though this menu is more suitable for lunch. I prefer it like this because I can experiment with soups and have diversity. Also this means that I eat more veggies and less cheese and bread.

01 Celeriac soup

It’s a very easy recipe to make and the taste is so good. For spices I’ve decided to add tarragon and it was a great choice. Sprinkling a few pumpkin seeds on top gave it an extra texture and a little bit of fat. I don’t usually add fat in my soups because I don’t feel it’s needed.

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Chocolate and orange smoothie

This month I’ve started an easy challenge: a smoothie every single day. Smoothies are suppose to be healthy, so I wondered if I can make a smoothie that is healthy but sounds like a dessert. I came up with the idea of the chocolate and orange smoothie.

To make 2 smoothies I’ve used one banana, 300 ml squeezed orange juice, 2 teaspoons of cocoa, 1 spoon of honey. I blended the ingredients and on top I’ve added some dark chocolate 70% cocoa with orange shavings. Give it a try, it is really delicious.

01 Chocolate and orange smoothie

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