Wholemeal scones

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I love scones and they are so easy to make that I’m cooking a batch every week. The scones are ready in only 20-25 minutes, baking time included.

wholemeal scones 10

I’ve made them with wholemeal flour, the texture is slightly different due to all the extra fibers. For a lighter texture, use white or half white, half wholemeal. Also, the scones are sugar free as I felt the dates make them sweet enough. If I make them without dried fruits, I have to add 25g sugar.

For 7 scones:
250g self-rising wholemeal flour
30g dates
1 tea spoon of baking powder
35g butter
125ml milk
1 free range egg
wholemeal scones

wholemeal scones 2
The dry ingredients are mixed together. Then I’ve added the butter and rubbed it with the flour, so it resembles bread crumbs.

wholemeal scones 3
Then I’ve added the egg beaten with the milk. The egg should not be added all at once and 2-3 spoons should be kept for glazing the scones before baking. It’s better to have a wet dough, they will rise better.

wholemeal scones 4
The dough should not the kneaded too much. Just mix the ingredients very well and that’s it. I flattened the dough with the hands.

wholemeal scones 5
It’s ready to be cut.

wholemeal scones 6

wholemeal scones 7
I’ve put them on a greased baking tray and glazed them with the egg&milk.

wholemeal scones 8

wholemeal scones 9
They are ready in 10-15 minutes.

wholemeal scones 11

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