Chilal cheese

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I saw the jars of Chilal cheese in a local Muslim supermarket a few weeks ago. I never heard about it before and I was curious how it is. Luckily it had the vegetarian sign on it, so I was keen to buy it. I love trying new things and this type of cheese is really exciting.

01 Chilal cheese

Chilal cheese is a Turkish white string cheese in saltwater brine. The cheese is  made up of strands that are woven together. It is made with cow milk. The two clews have a weight of 400g and just shy of £4. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s not that expensive either considering it’s a speciality cheese.

I bought a jar expecting it to be like mozzarella. The strings makes it look like it’s soft. In fact the cheese is quite hard. I would say it’s something in between mozzarella and halloumi. The strands have a similar texture to halloumi.

I didn’t find lots of information about it in English. I tasted it raw and it’s great. I put it on a pizza and it was beautiful. It’s very tasty and it looks great too.

The first thing I’ve tried was to take out the string by pushing them. It didn’t work, as the strings are stuck together. So I cut one of the clew in half and it was much easier to remove the strings. It’s likely that I will post a few recipes with it in the following two weeks.

03 Pizza with chilal cheese

This is how the strings look on a pizza base. I will post the recipe of the pizza tomorrow.

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