Chilli con soya

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I wanted a dish with lots of veggies after a busy week when I didn’t have time to properly think at our diet and diversify it. So, I made chilli con soya with a staggering amount of vitamins and it’s delicious.

01 Chilli con soya

Ingredients for 6 servings of Chilli con soya:

– 2 carrots
– 2 courgette
– 1 sweet potato
– 200g soya mince
– 1 can of plum tomatoes
– 2 cans of broad beans
– 2 spoons of oil
– 1 can of corn
– 1 can peas
– 1 aubergine
– 2 peppers
– 3 onions
– salt, black pepper, 1 teaspoon of chilli oil, grounded cloves, grounded cumin, garlic powder

Heat the oil in a pan and add the chopped onions. While the onions are sweating, chop the carrots and add them to the pan along with the soya mince. Stir so it doesn’t stick and add some water. Continue with chopping the aubergine and the sweet potato and add them to the pan. The last fresh veggies to go in should be the peppers and the courgettes as they take less time to cook.
When the veggies are starting to soften, toss in the beans, peas and corn. Crush the plum tomatoes with a fork and pour it in the pan. Add the spices and stir. The chilli is ready to be served.

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