Coffee jelly

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My Japanese meal finished with a delicious Coffee jelly. I love coffee and when I saw this recipe I thought I have to try it. According to google, the recipe is very popular in Japan and it was developed in the Taishō period, early 20th century.

01 Coffee jelly

I had to modify the recipe I saw as I don’t like sweetened coffee, so I’ve added only a small amount of sugar. If you prefer the coffee sweet, add an additional 20g sugar or even more, according to your taste. The traditional recipe is, obviously, with the Japanese agar, if you don’t have agar, use vegetarian jelly using the instruction from the package.

Ingredients for 2 servings of Coffee jelly:

– 500ml fresh coffee
– 20g caster sugar
– 2.5g agar
– 100ml whipping cream
– 2 spoons of icing sugar

02 Coffee jelly
Brew fresh coffee. I used my espresso maker for a slightly stronger coffee. Add the caster sugar and stir in the agar. Put the coffee in a pan over the hob at high heat to dissolve the agar. When it reaches boiling point, remove from heat and pour the coffee into the prepared moulds. I used individual baking trays, but you can use what you like.

Pop the jelly in the fridge for a couple of hours, until is sets.

03 Coffee jelly
Take it out of the moulds, cut it into big cubes and put it in the serving bowl.

Whisk by hand for a minute or so the whipping cream with the icing sugar. The cream should start to get stiff, but don’t whip it completely. The cream should be runny, as a sauce. Pour the sauce on the jelly cubes and the dessert is ready to be served.
The coffee jelly is so good. Do try it.

Update 2019: I enjoyed this recipe and I made it a few times so far.

12 thoughts on “Coffee jelly

  1. This dessert looks wonderful and I am really happy that its suitable for vegetarians as I am a vegetarian nad am always looking for different desserts without the gelatin.

  2. I am loving coffee again (went off the taste after pregnancy of some reason) and this sounds like something I should try. Thanks for sharing

  3. Coffee jelly sounds amazing, but that might be because I’m currently craving coffee haha. I’d love to try it though

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