Deviled Eggs

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Deviled Eggs, the way my mother used to make them for me and one of my husband’s favourite starters. I was sure I’ve shared the recipe on my blog, but when I looked yesterday I realized I didn’t. I took pictures of the deviled eggs I made earlier, so I can write the recipe. I like to fill the eggs using a teaspoon and not pipping, as they will look more informal. As it was a special day, I’ve decorated them with fresh parsley and edible flowers.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs. Ingredients for 14 pieces:

– 8 free-range eggs
– 60g mayonnaise
– 1 tsp mustard
– 1 tsp dried parsley
– white pepper
– sea salt
– Nigella seeds
– fresh parsley and flowers for decor

If you keep the eggs in the fridge, take them out and leave them for 30 minutes at room temperature. If they are too cold, they will break when immersed in the boiling water.
Bring water to boil. Put the eggs in the boiling water using a spoon. Put a timer to 7 or 8 minutes and leave them to boil. When the timer goes off, put the pan in the sink and leave cold water running on top of the eggs. The cold water will stop the cooking process and the eggs will be easier to peel. Peel the eggs and cut them in half. Scoop the yolks on a plate. Pick the 14 better looking egg whites and put them on the plate.

Deviled Eggs

Mash with a fork the yolks and the remaining 2 egg white halves. Add the mayonnaise on top, the spices and the mustard and mix them with a spoon. I’m not keen on smooth filling, but if you like a smooth texture, then use a blender or food processor.

Using a teaspoon or a pipping bag, fill the egg whites. Sprinkle Nigella seeds on top and decorate the eggs with fresh parsley and edible flowers.

Do you like deviled eggs?

3 thoughts on “Deviled Eggs

  1. Love the look of these never tried Nigella seeds are they mostly for decoration or do they add taste, wondered if poppy seed could be used, your edible flowers look great how do you clean them without them going soggy

    1. They are tasty, do try them, you might find out you like them. I dip the flowers in water and shake them a bit, so they are clean. After that I put them on a napkin to remove the extra moisture.

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