Easter menu 2018

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I hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter. We’ve celebrated last weekend and I want to share what I’ve prepared for the day.

Spring terrine

Spring terrine with mushrooms. This is something I always make for Easter. I’ve shared a similar recipe like the one I did now, see here. Maybe I should make it again and share this recipe too. It was delicious. My husband loved it too and he is not that keen on terrine.

Easter menu

A bit of grilled halloumi, as one of the hot starters.


Easter decorated eggs. It’s a Romanian tradition to dye eggs. Because the dyes can be tricky, the last two years I’ve preferred this version of decorating the eggs. They are cute and very easy to make, just pop the plastic sheet on the boiled egg and put it in boiling water for a couple of seconds, the plastic shrinks on the egg and that’s it.

Pea and mint dip

Last summer we’ve had pea and mint dip many times and I made it for Easter too. Having a dip beside rich dishes balances the meal.

Easter menu bread buns

Homemade bread buns with a mixture of wholemeal and white flour, topped with Nigella seeds. I always bake bread for special occasions.

Easter menu bread sticks

Bread sticks with rice flour and semolina flour. My husband loves bread sticks. Now that I bought a big bag of rice flour, I’ll make different types of bread sticks. I’m going to share the recipes and tricks I’ve learned while making these.

Butter spread

With bread a butter spread was needed. So, I’ve made a chilli oil salty butter spread.

Easter menu Oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms, grilled, another hot starter for our Easter menu.

 Easter menu cheese

Cheese plate is associated with Christmas. But, for me, feta and salad cheese are always associated with the Easter menu. This time we had Gouda, Edam, salad cheese, feta cheese, and Labneh. Served with fresh Spring onions.
Labneh is a type of cheese made with yoghurt. I bought these and I was very pleased with them. I’m going to try to make them at home.


My husband wanted this soup.

Vegetarian Steak, mash potatoes and salad

For mains we had mash potatoes with peppered steak from Quorn, with mixed salad.

Now, let’s talk about dessert.

Easter menu - Simnel cake

Simnel cake decorated with flowers and leaves made by me and chicks made by my husband. We enjoyed so much making the decorations. The Simnel cake was filled with figs and sultanas, and two layers of homemade marzipan. It didn’t turn out as perfect as I wanted it to be. So, I’m going to make it again to share the recipe. It was delicious.

Easter menu - Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns with cinnamon, mango and melon dried fruits.


Savarins, the dessert my husband wanted. He was so pleased with the savarins. I shared the recipe for savarin, if you fancy giving it a go.


Biscuits flavoured with bubble gum. It was a fun twist to biscuits and I did enjoy them a lot. It’s quite funny to eat biscuits flavoured with bubble gum.

Biscuits with chocolate

Biscuits dipped in chocolate. I made a few shapes and the eggs were decorated with dark chocolate. I didn’t like the combination between bubble gum and chocolate, but my husband did. So it’s a matter of taste.

What did you prepare for Easter? Do you celebrate?

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