How to make the perfect glass biscuits

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I love how glass biscuits look, they are such a showstopper. After trying a few different things, I can say that now I know how to make the perfect glass biscuits and I want to share that with you. The glass biscuits are very easy to make, once you know how to make them. For the biscuits I’m sharing today I used the same recipe of dough like in the heart biscuits and these too are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The glass biscuits are great because they are suitable for all occasions. I made some last Christmas in shape of the house and stars, but then I was still trying to figure out the best way to make the glass.

How to make the perfect glass biscuits

First of all, choose the biscuits cutters you want to use. I suggest to make the glass part small enough that the biscuits can be easily transferred onto the baking paper.

To make the glass, you need hard candy or boiled candy. I have to confess I had no idea were I can find them in my local supermarket. I never go into the candy section as none of us likes candy, so it took a while to actually find the right one.
The candy is hard and it will not get softer after baking. That makes it great for glass biscuits, but if you don’t like candy, like me, just make enough biscuits for decor and bake the rest of the dough without glass.
Hard candy is made out of sugar, boiled, then removed from heat and flavoured and coloured.

How to make the perfect glass biscuits

Cut the hard candy on a chopping board, with care because it’s hard and it can be tricky to cut. Cut the candy in halves and quarters. If you try to crush it into a food processor the pieces will not be big enough to make the glass. Also, crushing the candy with a rolling pin will not work. I tried all these methods and the best one is to cut the candy by pressing down a big sharp knife with both hands on top. I think this is the best way to avoid getting hurt too.

How to make the perfect glass biscuits

Transfer the biscuits that you already cut on a baking paper. Add half of candy or, in the smaller windows a quarter. In the picture above, the small biscuits have quarters in them and the big one has half of candy in each window. It will seem like it’s a lot, but it will melt and it will be thick enough to make the glass.

How to make the perfect glass biscuits

Get creative and have fun. As you saw in my post, making the glass biscuits is not hard, you just need to know how much candy to put inside to make the glass.

How to make the perfect glass biscuits

I hope I’ve inspired you to make glass biscuits, if you don’t already make them.

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  1. I’ve never seen glass biscuits before, they look so pretty, I should make them for the kids, they do love candy. 🙂

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