Morir soñando

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Morir soñando means to die dreaming. This popular drink is from the Dominican Republic. It’s made with milk, orange juice, and ice. Without the Taste the World challenge is unlikely I would have discovered this drink from more than 4,200 miles away. From what I found online, the recipe originated from the Dominican Republic and is still drunk mainly there. I made it four years ago and now I made it again, but vegan.

Morir Sonando drink, two glasses decorated with pieces of oranges, a cut orange and a flower

The most important part of this recipe is to keep the milk as cold as possible. Put the evaporated milk in the fridge overnight if you can, it makes things easier on the day you want to make this drink. Keep that in mind and the drink will turn out amazing. I loved it and my husband loved it too. It has a lovely silky texture. I made a slight modification, by switching the sugar with golden syrup. I did this so the sweetener will dissolve faster. You can use cane sugar or any kind of sugar you want, make sure the sugar is dissolved in the milk. I tried it with regular evaporated milk and with vegan evaporated milk and it works amazing.

Ingredients for 2 glasses of Morir soñando:

– 400ml vegan evaporated milk
– 200ml orange juice
– 40ml golden syrup
– 4 ice cubes
– slices of oranges for decor

Put the vegan milk in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. I left it overnight because I planned to make the drink the following day. To make the drink, stir in the golden syrup in the milk, until incorporated. Crush the ice cubes and toss them in the milk. Put them back in fridge.
Prepare the orange slices and the glasses. Then, take the evaporated milk and the orange juice and combine them. Stir with a spoon. Pour the drink in the glasses and Morir Sonando is now ready to be served.

It is a very easy drink to make and is very different. If you follow these easy steps, the drink will turn out amazing, so do try it.

Do you like trying new and exotic recipes? Have you heard about Morir Sonando?

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    1. I think so, golden syrup is made from sugar. It’s very helpful for drinks. I had no idea about the Orange Julius, it looks like it is a version of the Morir soñando drink, how fascinating.

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