Okra curry

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I had no idea if Okra curry is the best name for this dish. Technically is not a curry as I did not use curry leaves to spice it. But, Okra stew, was not a good alternative either because the combination of okra and harrisa doesn’t sound very stew-like. In the end I’ve went with the first option. Picking up a name is the hardest thing when it comes to this particular dish.

Okra curry

The dish is very easy to make, it takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. Because I cooked this in my very small kitchen in London, it’s an all-in-one-pan kind of dish. Furthermore I used canned tomatoes and carrots to make it much easier to cook. The main spice is harrisa paste, which is available at most big supermarkets in UK.
If you are using fresh carrots they need to be boiled before using, as they will not have enough time to cook in the pan.
With this amount of vegetables, this is a super-healthy dish, without any exaggeration.

Ingredients for 2 servings of Okra curry:

– 300g fresh okra
– 220g chopped tomatoes
– 200g baby carrots (canned, drained)
– 1 spoon of tomato paste
– 1/2 tsp Harrisa paste
– 1 spoon of oil
– mix dried herbs
– salt

Start by washing the okra. Heat up a pan and pour the oil. Toss in the okra and stir it from time to time. After a few minutes add the carrots and stir. In a minute or two pour the tomatoes on top. Stir to incorporate.

In a small bowl dissolve the tomato paste with a couple of spoons of hot water. Add the harrisa and stir. Pour the tomato paste over the okra curry and stir. The last thing to do is to sprinkle salt and the dried herbs. Stir to incorporate.

The curry is ready to be served.

Do you like okra? How to you cook it?

4 thoughts on “Okra curry

  1. I’m not sure if harissa is too spicy for me or not. I will definitely share this recipe with my younger daughter, though. She loves carrots and okra.

    My favorite way to eat okra is fried, but of course I never prepare it that way anymore for several reasons. I also like it pickled (whole).
    Kelly recently posted…Poppin’ PopsMy Profile

  2. Harissa is very spicy, but I’ve added enough to taste but without too much heat. I love pickled okra, it’s so different to other pickled veggies.

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