Seaweed Butter

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I like making my own flavoured butter. I shared recipes for Miso butter and also a simple butter spread. I also make garlic butter and herby butter from time to time. I saw somewhere seaweed butter and I wanted to try it. As I forgot where I saw it, I made my own take. It’s obviously an easy recipe, but it’s nice to have the idea. For me, the idea of the seaweed butter looks posh and is a nice option for a dinner party.

Seaweed butter

I’ve used dried seaweed that aren’t salted. If you are using salted seaweed, don’t add more salt. As for the oil, a good option is vegetable oil, rapeseed or sunflower. Don’t use olive oil because it will change the taste and give it a bitter note.

Ingredients for Seaweed Butter:

– 100g butter
– 100ml vegetable oil
– 5g dried seaweed
– sea salt

Start by re-hydrating the seaweed. Pour boiling water over the dried seaweed. Leave it for a few minutes. Drain and leave the seaweed in the colander so more moisture is released.

Seaweed butter

Meanwhile, put the butter in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for a minute, until the butter has melted. If you don’t want to use a microwave, melt the butter on low heat. Pour the oil and stir. Leave it to cool down. When is starts to thicken, add the sea salt and seaweed and stir. Scoop the seaweed butter into jars, close the lid and put them in fridge to thicken.

Serve with toasted bread.

Do you like flavoured butter? Have you tried seaweed butter or is it something you would like to try?

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