Smoked aubergines with yogurt

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I love aubergine dip. My mother used to make it with mayo and onions. I made it with olive oil and garlic. This time I wanted to try a Turkish recipe of Smoked aubergines with yogurt. It’s different from the dip I usually made, but I think it’s more suitable as a side dish for roasted potatoes. It’s refreshing and I really enjoyed it.

01 Smoked aubergines with yogurt

Ingredients for a small bowl of Smoked aubergines with yogurt:

– 2 aubergines
– 225g unflavoured vegan yogurt
– 2-3 spoons of olive oil
– 2 garlic cloves
– salt and pepper

Wash the aubergines and put them directly on the gas flame. If you don’t have a gas hob, you can grill them. Turn the aubergines from time to time. The skin should be charred on all sides and they should be soft. After the aubergines are ready, put them in a plastic bag for 10 minutes. The aubergines will sweat in the bag and the skin will be easier to remove.

Remove them from the bag and wash with cold water. Remove the skin with your fingers. Get rid of the excess water by squeezing them and chop them to a pulp. Put the aubergines in a bowl with the olive oil and the garlic and mix. Add the yogurt and mix them.

02 Smoked aubergines with yogurt

The dip should be served at room temperature with warm pitta bread.

I sometimes take advantage of the BBQ in the summer, after I cook what we eat at that moment, I put a couple of aubergines so I can make a dip. They are so delicious and on the BBQ they are ready faster. The aubergines need high heat to cook fast.
Another option is to prick the skin of the aubergines with a fork and bake them in the oven. For a long time this was the main way I was eating aubergines, I like it that much.

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