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I wanted to make a lighter version of Tiramisu, by using whipping cream and light mascarpone. The recipe is also low in sugar, very easy to make and delicious. Whipping cream has less fat and calories than double cream and the taste is pretty much the same, when is whipped. One of the best things about this dessert is that it can be made in advance and served the following day.

02 Tiramisu

Ingredients for 6 servings of Tiramisu:

– 300ml whipping cream
– 250g light mascarpone cream
– 70g icing sugar
– 12 sponge fingers
– 3 tsp of instant coffee
– 1 heaped tsp of cocoa powder
– 2 spoons of Rum (optional)
– edible flowers to decorate (optional)

Prepare the jars. Cut 6 sponge fingers in two and put them on the bottom of each jar.

Make a very strong instant coffee and add the Rum. If you prefer, you can use Amaretto liqueur, as it’s the traditional recipe. If you don’t want to make an alcoholic dessert, swap the Rum with Irish Cream flavouring.

Pour a couple of spoons of coffee on each sponge finger. Whisk the whipping cream with a hand mixer with the icing sugar. Continue until the cream is stiff, but make sure you are not overworking it. By using a spoon, mix the mascarpone on its own for a minute. By doing so, the mascarpone will have a smoother texture and it will be easier to incorporate.
Incorporate the mascarpone into the whisked cream by hand or with the hand mixer at a very low speed. Scoop a couple of spoons on top of the sponge and level it.

Cut the remaining sponge fingers in half and soak them in coffee. Soak them for only a few seconds, or the sponge fingers will become mushy. Place the sponge fingers on top of the cream. Scoop the remaining cream on top. Sprinkle cocoa powder by using a sieve.

Garnish the dessert with edible flowers and serve.

Do you like Tiramisu?

One thought on “Tiramisu

  1. I didn’t know there is a difference between whipping cream and double cream, in Germany we use always the same thing with 30 % fat. The tiramisu sounds delicious, it is one of my favorite desserts, I love to combine it with fruit.

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