9 Vegan Recipes You Should Try

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9 Vegan Recipes You Should Try, not necessarily for Veganuary, but in general. I would love eating any of these and I often do. I hope you are going to be inspired and let me know if you are going to try any of them or if you’ve already tried them before. I will talk about each recipe and share the link to the recipe on the blog, starting from top left and going all the way to bottom right.

9 Vegan Recipes You Should Try

These Falafel burgers are a recipe my husband makes and I love them. I would gladly have these burgers each week. With ingredients such as onion, garlic, tahini, and lots of spices, you can imagine how flavoursome these are.

Ratatouille is an original French recipe which I love. Is not exactly a fast recipe, but is so worth taking the time and make it exactly as I made it. It’s not only delicious, but very healthy too.

A strange sounding dish, African Peanut Soup, is delightful. For a soup is very rich, as it has 150g of peanut butter in it. I think this is my favourite soup.

Vegan Baked Houmous is another fast dish, which can be made from scratch or, if you are in a hurry, with shop-bought houmous.

Mutabbal is a dish we have very often. I’ve made it even for Christmas because it is so good, healthy, and easy to make. I sometimes skip the garlic or the lemon juice. I get jars of roasted aubergines from the ethnic shops and it takes a couple of minutes to make this.

Another dish I love is Stuffed Aubergines. I make them with chopped tomatoes or, for Christmas, I made them with pesto. It’s an easy dish to make, as is baked and it doesn’t take a lot of faffing around with it.

A simple dish is Chilli con soya in which one can add as many veggies as possible. I love making this when I have a lot of veggies leftover from different dishes. It’s filling and so good. I would also add a bit of dark chocolate in it, to give it a richer flavour. It works beautifully.

Finally Bean Houmous, a very easy to make and also very cheap dish. I usually get the pack of 4 cans of light baked beans, the supermarket’s own brand, for £1. With a can it makes quite a lot of bean houmous, so that means the whole dip is around 50p, when added the costs of the other ingredients. How amazing is that? It also counts as one a day. This is another dish we have weekly.

This is my round-up. Next time I’m going to share new exciting recipes, but today I wanted to share a few of my favourites.

3 thoughts on “9 Vegan Recipes You Should Try

  1. I’m going to have to mark this post and come back to it when I have more time to check out all the recipes. You know how much I love hummus and already have several new versions I want to try in the coming weeks/months! I’ve tried a few “bean” hummuses using white beans, black beans, and black-eyed peas – all quite good!

  2. Hi Anca, stuffed aubergines are definitely on my list of recipes to try. You should try it maybe with pasta. It is very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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