Black Forest Dessert

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Black Forest Dessert, my second dessert made for this year’s Valetine’s Day celebration. I’ve seen something similar and I loved the idea. Although it looked much easier when I saw it, I had issues. So, I’ve decided to share all my experience so you know how to make this dessert, looking like this without any fuss. It takes a bit of preparation, but I think it’s well worth the effort.

Black Forest Dessert

Use good quality dark chocolate, it will make a big difference. This time I’ve used Green and Black chocolate. It’s not exactly the cheapest, but I do like their company values and their chocolate. When I’m making mousse or chocolate ganache, I’m happy to spend more on something that will taste great.

Black Forest Dessert. Close Up

How amazing does this dessert look? I think it’s stunning and it would be suitable for many other special occasions, not only the approaching Valentine’s Day.

Ingredients for 2 servings of Black Forest Dessert:

– 10 frozen Morello cherries, defrosted
– 250ml water
– Cherry flavouring
– 15ml vodka
– 20g sugar
– 1.5g agar agar
– 1.5g beetroot powder (optional)
– 80g dark chocolate
– 200ml whipping cream
– 40g white sugar (for the whipping cream)
– cocoa nibs

First of all, start by making the jelly. Put the water with the cherry flavouring, vodka, 20g sugar, agar agar, the beetroot powder for the colouring in a shaker. Shake and pour in a saucepan over medium to high heat. Wait until it starts to boil. Remove from heat. Let it cool down a bit, then pour it in the glasses.

Black Forest Dessert. How to make

This is how I arranged the glasses, so the jelly would be on half of the glass. Make sure you secure the glasses. I had issues and two of the glasses were knocked down (initially I wanted to make 4 servings, not 2). Then I’ve added the upside down bowls and the vegetable can to secure them. In the picture I saw, the glasses looked like they were staying there by magic. Well, they don’t. Secure them. Eventually try with some water to see if the extra weight will make them flip on the worktop or not.
If you make sure the glasses stay in their place, it’s quite an easy dessert to make. When the jelly starts to thicken, and that will take a short time, as agar agar thickens fast, push the Morello cherries in the jelly.

Make the chocolate mousse. I’ve made the mousse with whipped cream and melted chocolate. If you want to make the French version, have a look at Mousse Au Chocolat.

Start by gently melting the chocolate at Bain Marie or in the microwave. Meanwhile, whip the whipping cream with the 40g of sugar. Be careful not to over-beat the cream. Fold half of the cream into the melted chocolate. After that, pipe the chocolate mousse in the glass.

Put the whipped cream in a pipping bag and pipe it on top. Put the glasses in the fridge to cool.

Spoon of Black Forest Dessert

Before serving, sprinkle cocoa nibs and place a cherry on top.
I hope you like this dessert. If you do try it, let me know, I would love to know how it turned out.

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