Caravan Cooking. Smørrebrød

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Update: See my new versions of Smørrebrød, all three are vegan, just as delicious, but 100% cruelty-free.

I’m very excited to talk about a new series on my blog: Caravan Cooking. I will talk about what I’m preparing when I’m on holiday and that can be as simple as some Smørrebrød, or Danish open sandwiches, or a cake. My husband changed the dark table we’ve had in the caravan with a new and shiny white one and now my pictures look fab (if you look now there is an old recipe I’ve made in the caravan and you can see the other table). It would have been a shame not to share my ideas with you.

Of course, cooking in a caravan is not as complicated as it sounds. The space is very limited, of course, but beside that, I have a hob, an oven, and all sorts of kitchen utensils. While I’m not going to attempt to bake biscuits, there are plenty of things which can be done easily.

The first recipe I’m sharing is for Smørrebrød. I’ve made this kind of open sandwiches for the Bake Off bake along this year, see here. I liked the taste a lot, so I said I’m going to make something similar in our camping trip. It proved to be a great idea, as it’s something very easy to make in a small kitchen. To make these, most of the ingredients are shop-bought from the closest supermarket to our camping site.

The first Smørrebrød I’ve made were sandwiches with dark rye bread, shop-bought. I’ve spread some butter on top, crushed avocado, a sliced hard boiled egg, some capers that I brought from home in a small plastic jar, slices of baby plum tomatoes, and a few pieces of spiced cashew. The cashew is sold in supermarket in the snacks section. On top I’ve sprinkled a bit of mixed herbs. It’s so easy, takes only a couple of minutes to make, after the eggs are boiled. I think you can get boiled eggs from the shop, but I didn’t see the point, when they are ready in 10 minutes on the hob.
We’ve had our sandwiches with orange juice, tea, and coffee. It is a filling breakfast and it looks so good too.

Caravan Cooking. Smørrebrød with vegan meat

In another day we’ve had Smørrebrød again, as I had more ideas of how to make them. Also I had leftover bread from the first time I’ve made sandwiches. On the second time I’ve used a few similar ingredients, but new ones too. On the rye bread I’ve spread some soft cheese. On top of the cheese I’ve spread a bit of mashed avocado. I kept half of avocado for slicing and placing on top and the other half I’ve mashed it with a fork. I’ve put rows of vegan ham, avocado, eggs, capers, and mixed herbs. It was very delicious as well.
This time we’ve had our sandwiches with apple juice, and, of course, tea and coffee.

Do you have a caravan? What do you think of my new series: Caravan Cooking?

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  1. Your sandwiches look very tasty. I’ve never tried a vegan ham, what does it taste like? The new table is a good background for lovely dishes you take photos of.

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