Cornish Coast Cake

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This is my last bake for Great British Bake Off, as this week was the final. The showstopper challenge was a landscape. As I just got back from a holiday in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago, I thought I should make a Cornish Coast Cake. The brief said the bakers had to have three different bakes, but I’ve made four. I had a lot of ideas, but I wanted a small showstopper, so I didn’t implement all those ideas, like a small boat and maybe a person and a dog on the cliffs. The cake would have had to be at least 3-4 times bigger to make anything to scale. I also didn’t have a spray gun and lots of types of food colouring. But, my Cornish Coast Cake was meant as a smallish dessert for my family, not a fancy cake for 10 people.

I’ve baked every week, at least one of the challenges. See towards the end of the post a list of all my bakes. All the recipes are here, so browse my recipes if you fancy trying a bake or two yourself.

Cornish Coast Cake

This is my Cornish Coast Cake or the landscape showstopper. I mentioned that I’ve made four bakes: Eclairs filled with Dark chocolate Rum ganache, a hint to the pirate/maritime history of Cornwall, biscuits for the ocean, very appropriate Cornish fairings as rocks, and cake.

As I didn’t need a lot, I halved the ingredients for the Choux pastry, making only a few, different sizes, so I have the option of picking the ones that work best when I’ve assembled the cake. For the ocean I’ve made Citrus biscuits, but without the peel, as I didn’t have any. In the Cornish Fairings I’ve added a bit of brown food colouring and made only a small amount. Even so, I’ve froze some of the biscuits for later, as we had too many.
The cake is a slight variation of Dark chocolate and orange cake. In the cream I’ve added muscovado and demerara sugar, that gave it a brownish colour that was just great for the cliff. Neither type of sugar fully dissolved into the cream, so it looked more realistic and if gave it a bit of crunchiness.

Cornish Coast Cake. Cliff

For the cake, I’ve made two sponges in my sandwich tins. I’ve used the little piece of leftover sponge to create a hanging cliff. I was a bit apprehensive that it will fall, but it didn’t. The cream kept it in place. I think it looks great, I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

Cornish Coast Cake. Coastal path and beach

How cute is this picture? It looked very much like a picture I took on our holiday. I’ve used whipped cream to decorate the back of the cake, leaving a bit of “naked” coast. For the path, I’ve added a bit of crushed Cornish fairing. I’ve used the rest of the biscuits for the beach, that is seen in the background.

Cornish Coast Cake. Detail of the cliff

I covered the cliff in cream before putting it on top of the cake. To create the green whipped cream I’ve used a fork and pressed it on the side.

Cornish Coast Cake. The ocean

For the ocean I’ve made the citrus biscuits. I had a big flag cookie cutter and I’ve used that. To remove the excess I’ve used a pizza cutter. For the water I’ve used two different types of fondant, blue and white. I’ve started with the blue fondant, cut with the same cutter, so it was the same size, glued with a bit of water, and pressed it down so it looked like water. After decorating the first three biscuits with blue fondant, I’ve added a bit of white fondant and knead it a bit, so it got some bits of white in it. I’ve decorated three more biscuits with it. After that I’ve added more white for the next three and more white for the remaining three biscuits.

I’ve put the cake on the tray, after that I’ve put the remaining fondant beside the cake, so it looked like water was around it. After arranging the biscuits, I’ve added a crushed citrus biscuit to represent sand between the cake and the cliff. Some of the biscuits bits are bigger and I’ve used those as beach rocks.

Cornish Coast Cake. Rock in the ocean

To make the landscape more realistic, I’ve used a bit of whipped cream as the sea foam.


My bakes were:
Biscuits – Week 1 – I’ve baked a lot of biscuits before the show – 181 to be precise, so I didn’t bake again for that week.
Cake – Week 2 – Le Gateaux Vert-Vert
Bread – Week 3 – Chelsea Buns
Desserts – Week 4 – Blueberry Blancmange
Spice – Week 5 – Maamoul, Stem Ginger Cake, Biscuit Chandelier
Pastry – Week 6 – Cabbage Filled Individual Pies & Caravan Pie
Vegan – Week 7 – Vegan Pavlova
Danish – Week 8 – Apple Pinwheels & Smørrebrød
Patisserie – Week 9 – Madeleines
Final – Week 10 – Cornish Coast Cake

6 thoughts on “Cornish Coast Cake

  1. another creative and clever take on the GBBO theme Anca. The biscuit waves are great and the cliff with its attention to detail it is just amazing. Well done on another fabulous bake.
    Thank you for baking along every week and showing us such beautiful bakes , they have all been so good.
    Good luck with the final judging xx

  2. Wow Anca your coast look fabulous, so very creative! I would be all over those delicious eclairs filled with dark chocolate rum ganache and to be honest would love to taste a little bit of everything! Absolutely love all the detail (can’t believe you even thought of sea foam!) Thank you for sharing with #BakingCrumbs 🙂

  3. Wowsers what a fabulous showstopper. I love your cliffs! It’s such a clever and creative bake. I love all your attention to detail just yummy! Thank you so much for bringing this craggy beauty to #BakingCrumbs

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