De’Longhi EC145 espresso maker review

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Hubby bought me this De’Longhi EC145 espresso maker last year as a Christmas gift and I used it daily for almost one year. As Christmas is approaching and maybe others are planning to buy an espresso maker, I thought it’s a good opportunity to review mine.

I usually drink my coffee black and an espresso maker was the only viable option. I don’t have lots of space in the kitchen because I tend to hoard lots of kitchen tools and baking trays and other bits&pieces as any other foodie. Hubby bought it for me as he knew I was looking at it. It’s small, it has a good price and it also has a milk frother if I need one.

01 De'Longhi EC145 espresso maker review

02 De'Longhi EC145 espresso maker review

The espresso maker is easy to use and to clean. The water tank has the right size considering only smaller cups can be used. De’Longhi have taller models, but for me this is good as it is. Its size makes it easy to move around the kitchen. After I use it I store it in a cupboard to free up my worktop. I don’t find this difficult even though I’m using it at least once every day, usually twice.

04 De'Longhi EC145 espresso maker review

I used the milk frother a few times, mostly for Chai tea and it works fine. It’s better to use a relatively low quantity of milk, but it’s only for frothing anyway.

I think it offers excellent value for money, so I would recommend the De’Longhi EC145 espresso maker. The espresso maker is available on amazon and Argos.

Do you have an espresso maker?

4 thoughts on “De’Longhi EC145 espresso maker review

  1. This is what I call a complete review – you’ve dispelled all the doubts I had about the espresso machine!

  2. I sent for this coffee machine for my Mum because the one I bought last year makes gorgeous coffee with lovely crema on top. This is my first espresso maker, so I am no expert, but it works perfectly for me.

  3. De’Longhi EC145 espresso maker is my favorite for gift. Better design small size. Last months I already gift one pcs to my cousin. Thanks for share it.

  4. I’m looking a nice, small espresso machine for my father-in-law, and this De’Longhi looks like it might be the one! He needs something simple without too many ‘features’ lol. (His words. Not mine!) Thanks for sharing the review! 🙂 I’m definitely checking it out!

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