Healthy brownies

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I wanted to make sugar free brownies and I’ve tried a couple of recipes in the past 2 days. They are delicious.
They are also great as a snack as the brownies have only 130 calories, less than 3g fat and 2g of fibers. A similar size brownie from Asda has 250 calories.

01 Low calories brownies recipe

– 100g wholemeal flour
– 10g baking powder
– 125g low fat yogurt
– 200g dates
– 20 g cocoa
– 2 eggs

02 Low calories brownies recipe
Mix the dry ingredients.

03 Diet brownies recipe
Leave the dates to soak for an hour in tea, drain the excess water and blend them until they are smooth. Add the paste to the dry ingredients.

04 Low calories brownies recipe
Add the yogurt and the eggs.

05 Low calorie brownie recipe
Mix them together by hand or with a mixer.

Put the mixture in a baking tray. If you have a metal tray, grease it properly. I’ve used a silicone one as it’s easier to get the brownies out with no fuss. Bake the mixture at 200C (180C if you use a fan oven) for 20 minutes.

06 Low calories brownies recipe
When the brownies are baked, get the tray out of the oven and after a couple of minutes put them on a cooling rack.

07 Low calories brownies recipe

08 Low calories chocolate brownies recipe
That’s all: delicious, low calories, no sugar brownies.

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