Marmite Aubergines

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Today’s recipe is Marmite Aubergines. After flavouring houmous with Marmite last month (here is the recipe), this time I had to try roasted aubergines with it. I’ve tried it a few times so far and I loved it each time. I kept this recipe very simple, just two ingredients: roasted aubergines and Marmite.

Marmite Aubergines

I offer a few ideas for other things to add to this starter. Also, you can have it as a starter, as we did, with artisan sourdough bread (or any kind of bread really) or with roasted potatoes as a main. It works beautifully in both situations.

How to make Marmite Aubergines:

In a bowl, put the roasted aubergines. In the bowl I photographed I put 300g of aubergines. That is roughly the equivalent of 2 very big aubergines or 3 medium ones. Of course, you can do like me and buy ready made roasted aubergines, in a jar, from the ethnic shop. It saves time and, as it has a long shelf life, you can keep it in the cupboards until you fancy eating it. After opening, put the jar in the fridge and consume the rest within a couple of days.

Add the Marmite on top of the aubergines and stir to incorporate. I’ve added a bit over a teaspoon and it was enough this time. Depending on what I’m serving my aubergines with, I can add more or less.

I didn’t add any salt as the Marmite has an intense flavour anyway. You can also add, like I did, mashed garlic, onion powder or some chopped spring onions. Some chopped chives would be great on top too. Black pepper is also a good addition or red chilli flakes, but make sure you are using sweet chilli and not the spicy kind. Nigela seeds or onion seeds are good for topping too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my recipe.

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