Orange and Strawberries Cake

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This weekend I’ve made this Orange and Strawberries Cake for a special occasion, our 3rd Home Anniversary. For this cake I’ve combined orange and strawberries and it was fab. I enjoyed it a lot and my husband loved it too. I’ve decorated the cake with a fresh strawberry because it was the only one ripe in our garden. For the filling I’ve used canned strawberries that are delicious, but loose their colour, so not pretty enough for decorating.

Orange and Strawberries Cake

Orange and Strawberries Cake. Ingredients for the sponge:

– 1 orange
– 300g plain white flour
– 100g plain wholemeal flour
– 4 eggs
– 125g demerara sugar
– 1 tsp baking powder
– 150ml oil
– 5 drops of Strawberry flavouring (optional)

Ingredients for the cream and decor:

– 250g full-fat mascarpone
– 100g icing sugar
– 2 spoons of Orange jam for decor
– 1 fresh strawberry (or more)
– 1 can of strawberries in syrup

Boil the whole orange for 30 minutes over medium heat, until it will become soft. Take it out from the water and leave it to cool before blitz it in the food processor.

Preheat the oven at 180C or 160C fan. Meanwhile, make the sponge by mixing in a stand mixer the flour, the eggs, baking powder, demerara sugar, the orange and the oil. Scoop the cake batter in two oiled sandwich baking tins.
Put them in the oven and bake them for 20-25 minutes. Check to see if the sponge is baked with a wooden skewer after 20 minutes. Leave them in the oven for a bit longer if it’s necessary. When the sponges are baked, take them out of the oven and leave them in the baking tins for a couple of minutes. Remove from tins and leave to cool completely on a cooling rack.

Make the cream by mixing with the hand mixer the mascarpone with the icing sugar, pour around 35ml – 40ml of syrup from the can and the drops of strawberry flavour. Mix until the cream is ready. Put it in the fridge if the sponge is not cold.

Orange and Strawberries Cake

Put one sponge on the serving plate. Prick it with a toothpick and pour a few spoon of syrup. Leave to soak. Cut the strawberries in pieces and put them on top of the sponge. Spread evenly half of the cream on top with a knife. Place the second sponge on top, prick with toothpick and pour syrup. Put the rest of the strawberries on top and cover the second layer with cream. Spread orange jam on top. Decorate and enjoy.

Do you like fresh fruit cakes?

9 thoughts on “Orange and Strawberries Cake

  1. Haven’t heard of orange and strawberries together before so I’d be very interested to find out what it would taste like for myself 🙂 x

  2. your sponge looks lovely and light Anca, and strawberry and orange in a cake sounds delicious and so refreshing. thank you for linking it to #GBBOBloggers2017 x

  3. Love that you used a whole orange in your cake Anca, I bet it brought an enormous amount of flavour. It looks such a pretty cake to celebrate your home anniversary with. I had to smile that you just had the one ripe strawberry from your garden, it reminded me of when we started growing our own strawberries and we’d planned on a particular dessert finished with homegrown strawberries when some friends came round one evening for somethig to eat. Only two have ripened enough to eat – it was such a laugh almost outting those two berries on a pedistal.
    Angela x

  4. Your garden yield is about the same as ours – I think we had about three strawberries this whole year! But it does look lovely on top of that gorgeous cake, and canned strawberries for the filling are a really great idea too.

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