Pineapple and cardamom tart

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I made this tart many times in the hopes to make the perfect one. I tried a few recipes and they didn’t work as I hoped they would, so I went back to the drawing board. Finally I made the pie as I wanted and this is the result. The filling is made from 2 big pineapples, sugar and cardamom. As the pineapples I had were very ripe and sweet, I used only 120g sugar for the filling. As there are 6 big servings, this means a portion has less than 25g added sugar and 150g fruit.

 Pineappale and cardamom tart

Pineapple and cardamom tart. Ingredients for the pastry:

– 175g plain white flour
– 75g soft butter
– 15g sugar
– 1 egg

Pineapple and cardamom tart. Ingredients for the filling:

– 2 fresh pineapples
– 120g sugar
– 1 spoon of cornflour
– 1 tsp cardamom
– icing sugar to decorate

Start by making the jam filling. Cut one of the pineapples in small pieces and incorporate the sugar and cardamom. Put the pineapple on the hob at low to medium heat and stir from time to time. When the moisture starts to evaporate, take off the heat and pour a few spoons of juice in a small bowl. Put the pineapple jam back on the hob and stir. Add the cornflour over the juice and dissolve. Pour the cornflour mixture on the jam and stir. Leave on the hob for another 5 minutes or so. Take it off the heat and leave to cool.

To make the pastry, mix the flour and butter by hand until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add the sugar and the beaten egg and mix until the dough holds together. It’s very easy to prepare if the butter is soft.
Tip the dough on the worktop and roll the pastry thinly. Line the baking tin with the pastry. Leave it in the fridge until the oven is heated.
Heat the oven at 190C or 170C fan.

 Pineappale and cardamom tart

Meanwhile, cut the second pineapple in small pieces. Scoop the cold pineapple jam into the pastry and level it with a spoon. Put the pineapple pieces on top and put the pie in the oven. Bake for 30-40 minutes. Take the pie out and leave it to cool completely.

When is cold, sprinkle icing sugar on top and the pineapple and cardamom pie is ready to be served.

Have you ever tried a pineapple pie?

2 thoughts on “Pineapple and cardamom tart

  1. The freshly made pineapple jam filling must have tasted extremely aromatic and delicious. My husband would love this tart too.

  2. Such a pretty tart! I’ve never tried the combo of pineapples and cardamom, but it sounds amazing, I know I’d love it 🙂

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