Plátanos al Caldero

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Plátanos al Caldero or Caramelized Ripe Plantains is a recipe specific to the Dominican Republic. The dish is not exactly a dessert, but for our European taste, it has to class as a dessert.
I’ve prepared plantains before, plantain oven baked chips, and I like them. I also love their versatility, although they look like a banana, they can be used in so many different dishes, both savoury and sweet.

Plátanos al Caldero

As I wanted them to be a dessert, I served my Plátanos al Caldero with coffee whipped cream. It was delicious. I like my desserts less sweet, so it was perfect for me. If you decide to try the recipe and you prefer sweeter desserts, add a bit more icing sugar in the whipped cream. Taste and add a bit more, to suit your taste.

Ingredients for 2 servings of Plátanos al Caldero:

– 1 plantain
– 2 spoons oil
– 2 spoons demerara sugar
– 150ml whipping cream
– 1 spoon icing sugar
– 1 spoon instant coffee

Start by infusing the whipping cream with the instant coffee. The instant coffee will dissolve, add the sugar and mix with the hand mixer until the cream is whipped. Make sure you don’t whip it for too long or it will be overdone and it will not be as good.

In a frying pan, heat the oil. Put the plantain peeled and cut in 4 and sprinkle the sugar. Leave the plantain to cook for only a few minutes, flipping it half way through cooking. It takes a short time to cook and the ripe plantain will turn into mush if cooked for longer.

If you are using a green plantain, then add some water and leave it on the heat for 5-10 more minutes.

Plátanos al Caldero

On a plate, put two pieces of plantain. Using a spoon add a rocher of whipped cream on the side. Otherwise, you can pipe the whipped cream.

Plátanos al Caldero

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  1. I only ate plantains once while we were living in London. I would love to try them again in this combination.

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