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Houmous, basic recipe

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I’m smitten with homemade houmous. I like the simple, basic recipe, or with other flavours, like sundried tomatoes or roasted peppers. It’s so easy to make it from scratch and using some tricks, it doesn’t take long.

Houmous 01

– Chickpeas
– 2 small lemons (or 1 if it’s big)
– 2 big spoons of tahini
– Bicarbonate of soda (1-2 spoons)
– grounded cumin
– olive oil
– sea salt
– garlic

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Houmous 03
Soak the chickpeas in water over night, it will be very easy to boil them next day. Here comes the most important trick: I add 1 spoon of bicarbonate of soda. It cuts the time of boiling to 1 hour.

Houmous 04
Wash the chickpeas and put it to boil with another spoon of bicarbonate of soda. This batch boiled in only 1 hour and 5 minutes. Considering that without the bicarbonate it would have taken 2-3 hours at least, it’s a very neat little trick.

Houmous 05
Keep a few peas to decorate the plate, everything else goes into the food processor. Add the lemon juice, the tahini and blend it. In a couple of minutes the houmous is ready. If it’s a too thick, add some warm water.

Houmous 06
Add the grounded cumin at the end, a few small adjustments (salt, lemon) if they are necessary and the houmous is ready.

Houmous 07
To serve, I always use Sumac (the red-purple with a sour flavour spice), olive oil and spicy olive oil (mix of olive and rapeseed oil with chilli flakes).

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