Okonomiyaki – Japanese pancakes

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I had a cabbage and I wanted to try something new. After doing some research, I saw a few recipes of Okonomiyaki, which are Japanese cabbage pancakes. It sounded interesting, especially as okonomi means “what you like”. There are so many different recipes with lots and lots of additional ingredients. I wanted to try something simple and see how it is. I enjoyed them a lot, I had a second serving and so did hubby.
To serve it I made a yogurt sauce with garlic. I didn’t have time to look for recipes, so I made my own take using similar ingredients as for the pancakes.


Ingredients for 4 servings (8 Okonomiyaki pancakes):

– 500g shredded cabbage (1/4 of a )
– 2 eggs
– 70g of plain flour
– 40g oats
– 2 spoons of sesame oil
– 2 spoons of soy sauce
– a few spoons of oil for frying

Ingredients for the yogurt sauce:
– a few spoons of low fat yogurt
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 1 tsp of sesame oil
– 1 small pinch of salt
– 1 tsp of soy sauce


Mix the shredded cabbage with the sesame oil and soy sauce and taste. If you add the rest of the ingredients you can’t taste the mixture, so make sure there is enough soy and oil. When you are happy with the taste, add the eggs, the flour and the oats and mix. If you feel the mixture is too crumbly add more flour, but not too much or the pancakes will not be as light.

Pre-heat a frying pan over medium heat. Pour a couple of spoons of oil. Make the pancakes and fry them over medium heat for 3-4 minutes. Flip them and let them cook for another 3 minutes on the other side. Take them out of the pan and leave them on a towel to remove the extra oil.
Fry the rest of the pancakes. A medium size pan will fit 4 pancakes at a time.


Meanwhile make the yogurt sauce. Remove the skins from the garlic and crush them with a garlic press. Add a small pinch of salt and mix the garlic with a teaspoon. Add the sesame oil and mix. Add the soy sauce and yogurt and mix. Taste and add as much yogurt as you like.

Serve the pancakes hot with the sauce on a side.

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