Polenta fried dumplings – Chiftele de mamaliga

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This polenta fried dumplings are a perfect side dish for a pea stew. I never made them before and I must admit they are amazing. This side dish originated from Sighet, a northern part of Romania. It can be served also with cheese and soured cream or sugar and jam.

08 Mancare mazare mamaliga

Ingredients for 8 dumplings:
– 500ml milk
– 160g cornmeal
– 35g greek feta or salad cheese
– 10g of butter
– butter to fry the dumplings

Heat the milk in a saucepan, when it starts to boil add the cornmeal and stir. In a couple of minutes the polenta is ready. Add the cheese and butter and mix until they are blended in the polenta.

02 Mamaliga recipe
Put the polenta on a wet wooden chopping board. I used the countertop as it’s solid oak.

03 Romanian polenta Mamaliga recipe
Shape the polenta into a rectangle and leave it to cool. It should be cold before starting to cut it as the polenta is quite soft and sticky when it’s hot.

04 Mamaliga
Cut it into pieces.

05 Mamaliga romanian recipe
Heat a pan and melt the butter.

06 Mamaliga romanian recipe
Add the pieces of polenta and fry them on both sides.


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