Avocado Houmous

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I saw on Instagram that Kelly from ksrgmck.wordpress.com shared a picture of Avocado Houmous. I loved the idea and knew that I have to try it. So far I made this version of houmous twice. I mentioned before that we eat houmous very often, almost daily, so we do tend to try all sort of recipes when it comes to it. We rarely have houmous as a dip, but usually is a big part of our meal.

Avocado Houmous

I used avocado oil for this houmous. You don’t have to, if you don’t have it. I had it in the cupboard and thought it would be a nice addition to this recipe. I didn’t mention salt in the recipe, if the chickpeas you have are not salty enough or you boil them yourself, make sure you add a bit of salt.

Ingredients for Avocado Houmous. 2 servings as mains or 4 as starters:

– 1 can of chickpeas, 400g
– 3 spoon tahini paste
– 1 medium ripe Avocado
– 1-2 garlic cloves or garlic paste
– 3 tsp lemon juice
– 1 spoon of avocado oil + 1-2 spoons for topping
– cumin

Avocado Houmous. Close up

Drain a bit of the water from the chickpeas, but not all. Put the chickpeas in a blender, add the tahini paste, the crushed garlic, the avocado, cumin and mix. Blend until the houmous is smooth. Pour the olive oil and the lemon juice on top and mix for another minute or two. Taste and add more spices or tahini if you want to, mix for a bit to incorporate. Transfer the houmous in a bowl and pour a bit of avocado oil on top. You can sprinkle some sumac or seeds on top too, if you fancy that.

What do you think of Avocado houmous? Is this something you’d like to try or have you tried it before?

5 thoughts on “Avocado Houmous

    1. I’m very glad I’ve spotted it on your Instagram feed. I liked and I will make it again.

      How annoying that you didn’t have all of the pieces in the last puzzle, it looks lovely though.

  1. I love the basics of this recipe. I used one avocado, maybe because it was a large avocado, but it worked well. The mixture was a bit thick and dry, so I added some the juice from the from the can of chickpeas, until it was the right consistency. Thank you for sharing this! Pinned!

  2. Hello, oh this looks really nice! I hadn’t thought about putting avocado in a hummus before but it looks really tatsy!

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