Roasted potatoes on the BBQ

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This is not an ordinary recipe for roasted potatoes on the BBQ because it has a gorgeous whisky sauce to pour over these delicious potatoes and, furthermore, it is part of my Royal Recipes series. You might know that the Queen and Prince Philip spend their summer holidays in Scotland, at Balmoral. This is one of their favourite recipes for picnic. Prince Philip had prepared potatoes like these for many years, and, after having them myself, I can easily understand why. Also, the sauce is so worth making. I loved that one as well. So far I’ve made this recipe twice, using the same methods.

Royal Recipes Roasted potatoes on the BBQ with an Whiskey Sauce

The original recipe is vegetarian, but I’ve made it vegan. I don’t have butter in the fridge, but only margarine, and that was the only substitution for the potatoes. When it comes to the sauce, I’ve made one substitution as well, as I had some vegan single cream in the cupboards. I’ve used that instead of dairy cream. Mainly because the cream I had in the fridge was bought with another recipe in mind. If I wouldn’t have known that the cream is vegan, I wouldn’t have guessed. I was so pleased with the soya cream that I will buy it again. It’s a great option. Besides, because it is UHT, in a Tetrapack box, it keeps for a few months, so it can be very handy if you want to prepare something, but you run out of cream.
Neither of these changes affected the taste significantly. Of course, you should start by making the BBQ.

Roasted potatoes on the BBQ – Ingredients for the potatoes:

– 2 big potatoes
– 1 spoon of margarine
– 2-3 spoons of oil
– rosemary
– basil
– salt

Make a bag out of foil. Press the sides together, roll a bit of oil and press again, do the same on the other side. The foil bag will be resistant enough to hold the potatoes in place. Put the washed potatoes in the bag, put the margarine and pour the oil in the bag. Add the rosemary, the basil, and the salt and pinch the top of the bag. Place the bag on top of the BBQ and leave the potatoes to cook for about one hour, usually a bit more. The cooking time depends on how big the potatoes are the temperature of the coals. Alternatively, use baby potatoes and they will take less time to make, but keep in mind it might take an hour anyway.

Roasted potatoes on the BBQ – Ingredients for the Whisky sauce:

– 2 shallots or 1 medium onion
– 1 spoon of oil
– 250g mushrooms
– 50ml whisky
– cream
– Italian herbs
– salt

While the potatoes are cooking, put a pan over the BBQ. Toss in the chopped shallots or onion and stir. When the onion starts to cook, add the slices mushrooms on top. Stir again and leave to cook. When the moisture starts to evaporate, pour the whisky and stir. Reduce the sauce for a few minutes. Now add the cream and leave the sauce to cook for another few minutes.

I made this sauce with less cream and more cream and both versions are really delicious.


This is Balmoral. I took this picture earlier in the year, in our holiday in Scotland. If you want to see more of my pictures with Balmoral, the link is to my other blog.

Have you ever made roasted potatoes on the BBQ?

4 thoughts on “Roasted potatoes on the BBQ

  1. Whiskey is not my favorite spirit, but I still think this looks really good (minus the mushrooms). I wonder how it would work with coconut cream?

    1. The whisky just gives a bit of flavour, but I wouldn’t have identified it in the sauce, so if you have some, try, you might like it. Instead of coconut cream, I would suggest using a bit of full fat coconut milk. The soya cream I used was single, so it wasn’t very fat.

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