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The first meal I’ve cooked for my new challenge was Chinese cuisine. We’ve been at the Chinese New Year celebrations, so I thought it’s appropriate to cook Chinese. Even though I planned to make only one dish, I saw a few recipes that were too interesting not to try.

China - taste the world

The meal consisted of spring onion pancakes, stir fried potatoes and pak choi with mushrooms.

06 Chinese pancakes with spring onion

The spring onion pancakes (recipe), called Cōngyóubǐng, were delicious. It was the first time I’ve made the dough for a wrap/pancake with hot water. The slightly chewy texture is tasty and the onions add a little extra flavour.

04 pak choi with mushrooms

The pak choi and mushrooms dish was delicious too. I liked the mushrooms a lot and I will make them as a garnish for other dishes.

01 Tǔdòu sī

The potato dish, called Tǔdòu sī , was the most interesting one. The potatoes had to be undercooked. I liked the idea as I would rather eat veggies undercooked than overcooked. It was interesting and strange, I’m glad I’ve tried it but not sure I would repeat the undercooking part of the dish. But I would definitely cut the potatoes like that and I would stir fry them.

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