Chocolate cups with coffee cream

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I had some coffee cream left over from the coffee eclairs, so I’ve decided to make chocolate cups with coffee cream filling. It looks amazing, it’s an easy to make showstopper.

01 Chocolate cups with coffee cream

Melt some dark chocolate in Bain-Marie. This means melting it in a bowl placed on top of boiling water.

02 Chocolate cups with coffee cream

When the chocolate has melted, make the cups by coating it into a silicone small muffin tray.

The silicone tray is easy to work with, flexible and it doesn’t stick. It is slightly different from a chocolate mold, because is thinner, but that is not a problem.

03 Chocolate cups

Leave the chocolate to cool completely before you add the cream.

04 Chocolate cups

Leave the chocolate cups to cool and harden in the fridge. If you are in a hurry, put them for a short time in the freezer.

05 Chocolate cups with coffee cream

Meanwhile make the peanut brittle by dissolving some sugar in a pan. Add the roasted peanuts and combine them. Take the pan off the hob and pour the brittle on a baking parchment. Leave it to cool. When is cool, put it in the food processor to make the crumbs.

To finish the dessert, gently remove the cups from the tray. Try not to handle them too much as the chocolate will start to melt in contact with the fingers. Put the cream in the cups and the brittle crumbs on top and that’s it.

It takes a few hours to make the dessert as it needs time to cool. At the same time, the dessert is convenient for a party, as everything can be made the day before.

06  Chocolate cups with coffee cream

07 Chocolate cups with coffee cream

4 thoughts on “Chocolate cups with coffee cream

  1. Delicious! I did not know how to make chocolate cups. This is useful. So many cool things to do with is. I also like the idea of using leftovers. That is half my cooking, right there.

    1. Thank you Deserae. The cups are so easy to make and topped up with so many different flavours.

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