Courgette pasta maker

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I’ve been to BBC Good Food Show in Harrogate a couple of weeks ago. I’ve bought a cutter and a couple of accessories for making courgette pasta. It was something I was considering to buy, but postponed it as I felt I might end up not using the equipment. I am looking at a pasta rolling machine too and I have the same dilemma, will I use it enough to justify loosing the cupboard space?

01 courgette pasta maker

Here is my first attempt to make pasta. The strings were as in the demonstration at the show, more than 1m long and springy.

02 courgette pasta maker

At the show the set was half the price of a machine and smaller, I thought I can try it. The cutter is perfect for the Julienne cut and this made my decision easier. It doesn’t look particularly professional, but it does the job. If I find it very useful, I’m going to replace it with a machine in the future.

03 courgette pasta maker

04 courgette pasta maker

The courgette pasta boiled in a few minutes.

I don’t have pictures of the pasta dish, I’ll have to cook the dish again for pictures. I thought the cheese will overpower the courgette, but it didn’t, the pasta added their own flavour and it created a new dimension. Much better than expected.

Do you have a courgette pasta maker? Do you use it?

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