Creamy leeks

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After I cooked this dish I searched it on google and found out is actually French. I used different spices from the original recipe and I’m glad I did, as I liked it a lot with the nutmeg.
The recipe has only 2 ingredients and some spices, give it a go, it’s really delicious.

01 Creamy leeks

Ingredients for a bowl of Creamy leeks:

– 700g fresh leeks
– 150ml single cream
– 1 spoon of oil
– sea salt and nutmeg

Wash and slice the leeks. Put them in a pan on on the hob over medium heat, along with the oil. Let them fry slightly, stirring from time to time, without turning brown. They are get a bit softer, pour the cream on top, add the salt and the nutmeg and stir to incorporate. Leave to cook, stirring once in a while. In a couple of minutes the leeks are ready.


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