Creamy leeks

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I published a vegetarian version of this dish almost six years ago and from that point I made this quite a few times. As in the last months (a year or so) I’ve been using only vegan cream and milk, I thought it is time to update the recipe to reflect how I cook and eat now. There is no difference in taste between the vegan version or the vegetarian one, and vegan cream is available at most supermarkets (all big chains). Furthermore, unlike the dairy one, the vegan version is in UHT bottles, meaning this cream can be kept in the cupboards for a few months. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, do it, it’s very handy too.

When I made creamy leeks for the first time, back in 2015, I searched about it on the internet and discovered that, amazingly, it is a dish, and it’s actually French. I used different spices from the original recipe and I’m glad I did, as I liked it a lot with the nutmeg.

Creamy leeks. close up

There are, basically, only two ingredients: leeks and cream. You also need a bit of oil and, of course, spices. If nutmeg is not your thing, you can add black pepper, rosemary, or herbs that you enjoy. The dish can be enjoyed as a starter with some lovely sourdough bread. Alternatively, it makes for a delicious side dish too.

Ingredients for a bowl of Creamy leeks. 2 servings:

– 700g fresh leeks
– 200ml vegan cream
– 1 spoon of oil
– sea salt and nutmeg

Start by washing and slicing the leeks. Heat up a spoon of oil in a frying pan and toss the leeks in. Cook them over medium heat.

Creamy leeks

As the leek are getting fried slightly, stir from time to time, making sure they are not turning brown. When the leeks are getting a bit softer, pour the cream on top, add the salt and the nutmeg and stir to incorporate. If the leeks are too hot, remove the pan from the heat for a minute to cool down a bit before pouring the cream. Leave to cook for a few more minutes, stirring once in a while, until the leeks are done.


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    1. If you like that, I think you’d like this one too. I got some avocados, so I might try your recipe from Instagram in the next couple of days. 😀

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