Marzipan Eggs

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I thought of making Marzipan Eggs, as a delicious vegan alternative to chocolate eggs. This is not a veganised recipe, but one that is naturally vegan. Marzipan is made from only two ingredients: almonds and sugar. I covered them in dark chocolate, which should be vegan, unless it’s a cheap version which has milk solids instead of cocoa butter, so make sure you buy the good quality one anyway. Of course this can be made with shop-bought marzipan, but take into account that the shop-bought one has four times more sugar than my version and, of course, it’s not as tasty because it is made with water instead of rose water or orange blossom water. Furthermore, I used turmeric for colouring the eggs. It’s a natural colourant, healthy, and available at any supermarket, a much better alternative than food colouring.

Marzipan Eggs

As I mentioned, I used orange blossom water and rose water to make the marzipan. If you don’t have from where to buy these, you can add a few drops of food flavouring and water. You can use some lemon juice or a fruit juice. For the marzipan only a few teaspoons are needed. Alternatively, you can use only water, the marzipan will keep its delicious almond taste, which works fantastic with dark chocolate.

I always make the marzipan respecting the ratio of 2 parts ground almonds to 1 part icing sugar, so unlike the one in the supermarkets, this is really delicious on its own. The yellow marzipan middle is a bit big, so you might want to make the proportions differently. It’s up to you.

Ingredients for 8 Marzipan Eggs:

– 150g ground almond
– 75g icing sugar
– 80g dark chocolate
– turmeric
– Orange blossom water
– Rose water

First of all, make the marzipan. In a bowl, mix 100g ground almonds with 50g icing sugar. Add 3-4 teaspoons of rose water and mix. Tip over the worktop and mix by hand. Continue to knead the marzipan in your hands for a minute, until the marzipan is smooth and it has the right consistency. It should take about a minute to make, that’s all.

Now make the yellow marzipan by mixing the rest of the ground almonds with the icing sugar and a bit of turmeric. Add a teaspoon of orange blossom water. Mix and add another one if necessary. Like before, tip the mix over the worktop to incorporate. Knead for a minute until the marzipan is ready.

Marzipan Eggs. How to make them

Now weigh in the yellow marzipan and the white marzipan. Make balls from the yellow marzipan. As you see in the picture above, cover the yellow marzipan with white marzipan. Roll it until is smooth and after that press it a bit at one side so it will not be a perfect ball but looking more like an egg.

Melt the chocolate and dip the eggs in to cover them. Use a toothpick to steady the egg, so it gets covered evenly. Put the eggs on a plate. After that transfer them onto a plate lined with baking paper. Leave them until the chocolate is set.


3 thoughts on “Marzipan Eggs

  1. Would almond flour be the same thing as ground almond? I use to have some, but didn’t have many things to make with it. This sounds like a perfect use!

    I might not add any flavoring to mine, since I think the almond would be good enough. Roughly how much turmeric did you add? Does it taste too “earthy” in it?
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    1. There is a difference between them. Ground almonds are a bit bigger in size, not as fine as the flour. But, in marzipan should be ok, I don’t see why it would be a problem.
      I love oriental flavours, but it works just as great with water. I put a pinch of turmeric, very little is necessary, as it is for the colour only. Used sparingly it will not influence the taste.
      Let me know if you try the recipe. x

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