Dark salted toffee

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Having a big jar of dark salted toffee means I can make desserts in no time. I keep the jar in the fridge and I use a spoon on top of yogurt and banana slices. I made a banoffee dessert, recipe will follow soon.

01 Dark toffee

Ingredients for Dark salted toffee:

– 300g sugar
– 100g demerara sugar
– 300ml single cream
– sea salt

Put the sugar on the hob at medium heat.

Stir often so the melted sugar doesn’t burn.

When all the sugar is melted add the single cream and stir. You will get a “violent” reaction which is normal. The cold cream hardens the melted sugar almost instantaneously making it bubble.

Leave it on the hob to boil for a minute and for the caramel to melt into the cream.

Add the salt. I use sea salt. Stir and remove it from the hob. Leave it to cool.


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