Farmer’s Scrambled Tofu

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Farmer’s Scrambled Tofu is a vegan version to a recipe I’ve shared before, Farmer’s Omelette, something my mother used to make for me as a child. I was curious how it will turn out with tofu and it is incredibly similar. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and I will make it again.

Farmer’s Scrambled Tofu. Detail

When it comes to vegetables, I’ve used potatoes, spring onions, peppers, and a mix of mushrooms. This is a good way to use leftover fries, so keep that in mind. As for the other vegetables, I’ve use frozen peppers and mushrooms. I pop them into the microwave for a couple of minutes to defrost and they were ready to go. It is very easy to make scrambled tofu like that. If you don’t have nutritional yeast, you can substitute it with a bit of vegan cheese, or just take it off completely. The dish will still be yummy even without it.

I haven’t mentioned any weights for the vegetables because it is all down to what you have and what you like to add to the dish. Mushrooms and peppers are my favourite veggies for a dish like this one, so this is why I’ve added them. Also, feel free to switch the spring onions for onions. Other veggies which would be just as good are tomatoes and courgettes.

Ingredient of two servings of Farmer’s Scrambled Tofu:

– 350g silken tofu, firm
– liquid smoke
– smoked paprika
– salt
– pepper
– dill
– nutritional yeast
– turmeric
– 4 spring onions
– peppers
– mixed mushrooms
– fried potatoes
– vegetable oil

Start by heating up the oil in a big frying pan. Wash and chop the onions and fry them for a couple of minutes.

Farmer’s Scrambled Tofu

Toss in the potatoes and leave them to cook for a few more minutes. Meanwhile, you can wash and chop the peppers and mushrooms, or you can defrost them, depending if you use fresh or frozen. Add them to the pan and stir. Leave to cook a bit longer. While the vegetables are cooking, in a big bowl, crumble the tofu with a fork and add the liquid smoke and all the spices you want. Mix so the spices are incorporated.

Now transfer the tofu in the frying pan and stir. Stay by the hob and stir often, so the scrambled tofu does not catch the bottom of the pan. The dish should be ready in only a few minutes.

Serve with salad and a slice of bread. Have you ever had a Farmer’s Scrambled Tofu before? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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