Good catch

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I discovered these in Tesco recently and I wanted to both know more about the brand and share my findings with my readers. After Seaspiracy aired on Netflix more people asked themselves if there isn’t a good plant-based alternative to fish products. I’ve tried lots in the last years and I was so happy to discover Good catch tuna pouches. There are three kinds of fish pouches from Good catch and I bought one of each, to try. Now I bought a few more because I just love these.

Good catch

I’ve been adding them to salads and I made a tuna with mayo and corn salad too. The texture is so much like fish and for me it’s a great replacement. For me they represent good value for money too, considering how they are made and that they are cruelty-free.

The tuna-style is made with a blend of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans, and navy beans. It was developed by brothers Chad and Derek Sarno, best known for Wicked Healthy blog and lots of products on the supermarket shelves, products I’ve tried and loved loved loved.

Plant-based Tuna is available as: Naked in water, Mediterranean, and Oil & Herbs. These are low calories alternatives too, as all of them have 170 calories or less. If, like me, you add some lamb lettuce and fried onions, you can easily make a salad for about 200 calories, which is great for supper. I made a tuna, corn, and mayo salad too, but used the non-oily version, which again, brings the salad at about 200 calories.

The texture of the tuna is very similar to the real thing, as much as I can remember it. The taste is very similar too. This makes for a wonderful ingredient for all sorts of recipes and I might share a few in the future.

If you are curious, get some next time you are in Tesco, but keep in mind that bigger shops have these in stock while smaller ones don’t, at least for now. Each pack is £1.50 for just shy of 100g, on the more expensive side, but then, it’s guilt-free and environmentally friendly, so well worth the extra pennies.

Have you heard or tried Good catch tuna before?

5 thoughts on “Good catch

  1. I’ve always like canned tuna. I’ve never heard of this and it sounds like it would be really good, especially for sandwiches! The only “fish” plant product I’ve found is a breaded, frozen “fishless filet” by Gardein.
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    1. This is made in US, so it should be available in some shops. I could find these only at big supermarkets, not the smaller ones. Maybe you can look for it online if you want to try it. I haven’t had fish in almost 14 years, so I might be wrong on how similar is to real fish, for me it’s a really good alternative.

  2. I have neither seen nor heard of this brand or these products before. My little local supermarket has only a limited range of vegan and veggie products. As soon as I feel able to venture out to larger supermarkets in nearby towns, I will certainly try these. Thank you.

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