Great British Bake Off, my thoughts

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I baked every single week at least one of the challenges from Great British Bake Off and I learned a lot during the process.


I wanted to do lots of things and sometimes a bit more than I could chew. For example, making the linky was a little too much as my time was limited and I couldn’t promote the bloggers who joined as much as I wanted to. Also, I realized while I was hosting the linky that not everybody will bake vegetarian recipes (it seems obvious now 😀 ). Next year I’ll join the other linkups, like this year, but I will not host one for the entire season for those reasons.

On the pinterest board there are all the recipes. I would like to thank everybody who joined in: Saskia; Vinspire (; Helen (; Paul; Carrie (; Alice (; Angela (; Sarah (; Andrea (; Lauranne (; Rosie; Jenny (; and Kirsty ( It was lovely to see your recipes.

As for the linkies I joined in, I received star baker from Jenny, twice! Once for my baguettes and the second time for the Religieuse a l’ancienne. I had the badges to prove it 😀

GBBO 2015 star baker week 3

GBBO 2015 star baker week 8

I’m looking for the next year’s Bake along.

2 thoughts on “Great British Bake Off, my thoughts

    1. It was fun and challenging to bake along with them. You have plenty of time to finish it, I think it’s all about learning and enjoying it x

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