How to cook Kalettes

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I found these new veggies at Lidl called Kalettes and I had to try them. After trying a few recipes with them, I’ve decided to make a post on how to cook Kalettes. First of all, let’s talk about Kalettes. They are a new vegetable obtained by crossing kale with brussels sprouts with traditional hybridization. It took 15 years to make them and I’m happy someone did. They taste great. I love brussels sprouts and kale, but my husband doesn’t like the sprouts, he will eat them because they are healthy and that’s it. So, they might be a hit even with people that don’t like brussels sprouts.

01 How to cook Kalettes

They are easy to prepare and cook, it takes a few minutes and that is another great thing if you want to make them for dinner and you are in a hurry. When it comes to how to cook Kalettes, there are a few ways to prepare them: raw, roasted or blanched and used in stir fry.

If eaten raw, they taste like salad, cut the end of the stem and wash them. Put them in a colander and shake to remove the excess water. It’s that simple.
If you want to roast them, cut the stems, wash them. As before, leave the kalettes in the colander to remove the excess water. Put them in a bag, add spices and 2 spoons of oil. Close the bag and shake, this way they will be coated with the oil. Put them in a roasting pan and roast them for 10 minutes at high heat, in the preheated oven.

02 How to cook Kalettes

If, instead you want to blanch them, it’s easy too. Wash and cut the stems, as before. Leave them in the colander. Meanwhile, put a saucepan with water on high heat and bring it to boil. When the water is boiling, toss in the kalettes and reduce the heat to medium and leave them to boil for 3-4 minutes.
In a large bowl, add ice cubes and cold water. For 2 bags of kalettes, which is for 4 servings, I used 12 ice cubes. When the kalettes are boiled, drain them and put them in the cold water. Leave to cool down, a couple of minutes. Drain and the kalettes are ready to be stir-fried. Check the next 2 recipes that will follow in the next couple of days.

6 thoughts on “How to cook Kalettes

  1. I love Kalettes (or here they call them brusselkale)! About two years ago they started to sell them here and I was totally crazy about them, but then they stopped selling these babies here unfortunately 🙁
    I could kill for some roasted, garlicky kalettes right now!!!

  2. I’ve never heard of kalettes, but they sound and look great. I wish I could find them here, but if Eve above can’t find them in Hamburg anymore I doubt I can find them in the middle of nowhwere in Germany. 🙁 I would love to try them. Maybe in a couple of years or so…

  3. Great ideas, thanks for sharing. I actually grow my own kalettes. They are ready to use, dont mind the cold weather either – just like sprouts – will harvest some now and try your stir fry recipe.

  4. Just going to pick some from the allotment tomorrow. There is a good looking crop and some should be ready, where the lower leaves have all fallen away and the florets look lovely on a thick, strong stem.

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