Jamie’s Italian Olive Oil Buyer’s Guide

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I like reading about ingredients as much as I like experimenting with new ones. I was delighted to see the Olive Oil Buyer’s Guide*, it’s very interesting. The Infographic was created by Jamie’s Italian (link to one restaurant). I’ve been to the one in Liverpool and it was a lovely experience.

Going back to the Olive Oil, I have to admit I had no idea there is light olive oil. I like olive oil and I used it many times, usually I add it raw on salads, on soup before serving, lots and lots over a big dish of houmous or breads. I usually buy extra virgin olive oil. After reading this info-graphic I am thinking I should buy light olive oil too, for cooking.

I will also do a taste-test like it’s mentioned here. It sounds interesting and it’s something I never tried before. I might do that with all the oils I have in the cupboard and chose the right one for the dish. I am really excited to try this oil taste-test.


Do you cook with olive oil? Which type of oil do you use?

* Post in collaboration.

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